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Day 8: Describe The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of yourself

The Good: I take good care of my loved-ones. I am loyal to them, I gladly cook for them, listen to them and make time for them, no matter what.

The Bad: I can be impatient if things do not go as I expect. Getting older I am aware of this negative trait of mine and try to stay calm. Then I convince myself it is not the end of the world if things do not go as I think they should.

The Ugly: I forgive but do not forget. Actually I am not really fond of this. It feels like I have lost my spontaneity and innocence but I see this as my self-protection mechanism. This attitude keeps me to stay alert when red flags are emerging. Then I know how to act.

Ah you know what, it is ok to have the bad and the ugly as we are all human, we are not perfect. The question is: what do you do about them? Do you learn how to get rid of them or how to acknowledge and accept them as part of yourself?


13 thoughts on “Day 8: Describe The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of yourself

  1. I really like the last self-reflecting question. As to me, it is impossible to “get rid” of the “bad/ugly” sides as we are all human afterall. Acknowledging them is the first step towards my goal, that is to learn how to deal with and manage them.

  2. human are complicated but also interesting ya mbak… actually i’m a little bit confused about the differences between the bad and the ugly….

  3. Aku sampe 2014 the ugly nya sama kaya mbak Yo. Tahun itu ada peristiwa kehilangan dan ada titik balik lah..terus aku tiba2 lupain tuh sakit2 yang pernah dilakuin orang sama aku. Aku mah gitu, orang bikin sakit hati jaman SD aja masih diinget ga bakal lupa :)). Kalimat penutupnya jossss banget mbak Yo. Nomor satu jempol bangeet 🙂

  4. Mbak Yo, reading this is like reading my own version of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can’t say I’ve gotten rid of my bad traits, but I’m definitely much better at handling it now compared to a few years ago.

    • Well done of you Dixie. Dulu waktu awal 20an kayanya aku pingin jadi Miss Perfect. Sejak 30an aku mikir ngga mungkin jadi orang sempurna, ini sangat melelahkan. And most of all, who was I trying to impress by doing that? Akhirnya nerima diri apa adanya lah. Life has been easier since then 🙂

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