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Day 7: Recommend a book for us to read. Why do you think it is important?

As food is a passion of mine, I would love to recommend you to read In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by American author Michael Pollan. This book is about nutritionism and Western diet. Western diets have resulted in the so-called prosperous country diseases: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Pollan’s  advise: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. is written on the book cover.

Pollan writes “the rise of highly processed foods and refined grains; the use of chemicals to raise plants and animals in huge monocultures; the superabundance of cheap calories of sugar and fat produced by modern agriculture; and the narrowing of the biological diversity of the human diet to a tiny handful of staple crops, notably wheat, corn, and soy.”

Pollan implies that what people eat are not real food, they eat imitations of food.

Today we live the fast life.  Some easily grab fast food while others buy convenience food products with too many additives and preservatives because there is hardly time to prepare a proper meal.

Well, I won’t preach about how you should eat. I find it important for you to know that this book has helped me to realize how the food industry has influenced our way of food consumption and how this affect our health. It was published in 2008 but still relevant until today.

My food for thought for you today is: Eat food that your grandmother would recognize.

PS: Should you be interested in Michael Pollan’s works, I highly recommend the book The Omnivore’s Dillema and the documentary Cooked on Netflix.



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