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Day 6: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Why not?

Bungee jumping! You see, I am afraid of height but I want to fight this demon. So I think Bungee jumping would help.

Did you know there is a bunch of phobias regarding the fear of height? Let me name them:

  • Acrophobia: an abnormal and persistent fear of heights.
  • Batophobia: fear of high objects or high buildings.
  • Catapedaphobia: the fear of jumping from high and low places.
  • illyngophobia: the fear of vertigo (dizziness) from high places. The people who suffer from this are not afraid of the height itself, but of developing vertigo when looking down.

Although I suffer from Acrophobia & Catapedaphobia, I am not afraid to fly. I associate flying with going on vacation = good times. 

And about bungee jumping? Perhaps I’d do it one day. If I may choose I’d prefer the location with water underneath. So when something goes wrong, I could just swim.


22 thoughts on “Day 6: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Why not?

  1. whoaaa.. kepengen si tp nyali gak berani. dulu pernah mampir ke Macau Tower lihat org2 yg bunge jumping aja jantungku ikut mencelat.. smg segera terlaksana ya mba Yo.. nanti ceritain ya..

  2. Bungee jumping was very cool, I wanted to try but I am afraid of heights, success continues to blog friend.if do not mind waiting for a reply visit

  3. I did it in Bali long time ago….tandem with my then boyfriend πŸ€“πŸ€“ And I’m too scared of height Lo, until now! Never gonna do it tho🀒

  4. Aku pun kepengen banget, mba Yo, tapi lagi2 ketakutan yang menang, dulu pernah ke yang Macau Tower, tapi kok ya nyalinya tiba2 ciut, padahal di Macau Tower itu ga seserem bungee yang tali 1 doang, di Macau Tower ada tali bantuannya disamping kiri kanan..

    • Aku lemes sih lutut naik ke KL Tower & Petronas tapi penasaran pingin memerangi rasa takut Inly πŸ˜€ 20 tahun padahal aku masih berani naik lift ke puncaknya Eiffel loh

      • Kalau aku selama didalam ruangan dan lantainya bukan kaca, brani2 aja, atau kayak senderan di kaca di Canton tower berani, mba Yo.. tapi kalau berdiri di atas kaca yang bawahnya kelihatan maish ngeri, padahal gak bakal jatuh juga, hehe..

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