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Day 5: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?

Any five people I would love to have dinner with are the following:

  1. My late father. I am anxious to know how our interaction would be like. I wonder how he would see me as who I am today as an adult woman. Reminiscing our conversations in the past, this would be very interesting. He thought and raised me to be free-spirited as he was himself. So curious I am now to know how he would think about world’s issue nowadays, advanced tech and humanity.
  2. Elon Musk. I would love to hear him elaborating the space travel. Space travel fascinates me.
  3. Mata Hari, the courtisane and alleged spy in World War I. She was executed, shot to death but the debate is still on: was she or was she not a spy? By inviting her I wish I could hear from her how her experiences were.
  4. Audrey Hepburn, actress. Simply because I adore her elegance and her humanitarian works. And she had lived in Arnhem, The Netherlands for 3 years during World War II.
  5. My husband’s great great grandfather from Swiss Italian border who came to Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) somewhere in 1860es. I am bearing his name because I am married to one of his offspring. What was his reason to move to Dutch East Indies?

In May 2014 I wrote Who is coming for dinner with 6 guests I would like to invite.  This post is similar like that only now I have different people to invite. In this post the guests are dead except Elon Musk while the guests in another post all 6 of them are still alive. And no I won’t invite Ivanka Trump anymore. 

You know what is interesting? Some of the fellow bloggers who are participating in this 15 day writing challenge commented on that post. Let’s see if they would still invite the same people to dinner they shared in their comment at the old post. I guess not.

Pic is courtesy of Freepik.

13 thoughts on “Day 5: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?

  1. Interesting choices mbak, I’d also like to have dinner with my ancestors who came all the way from China, I wonder why they picked Indonesia as their new home

    • Yes, I am really curious about their reasons and considerations, because if they didn’t do that, our life would have been different. Perhaps we would not have been even born.

    • Ceritanya benar terjadi. Hanya pertanyaannya apa betul dia spy? Dan misalnya iya, apa dia spy untuk Inggris, Perancis atau Jerman? Baca deh link yang ada di atas. Aku tulis berdasarkan baca beberapa buku tentang dia.

  2. Hahaha yes I remember your post mba Yo. I commented and I change some of the persons I chose. Like Donald Trump, I change to Bill Gates (with same reason..coz they are very rich people) and I still want to have dinner with Pak Ahok and The cardigans. But I change the actors….not Ethan Hawke Josh Harnett and channing tatum anymore but Theo James..hahahaha emak2 labil 😂😂😂

    But more or less masih samalah mba yo….seleraku masih itu2 aja…just change a bit 😃

    Your dinner would be awesome with those guests 😍

  3. Yang terakhir itu bagus, mba Lorraine. Sangat menarik, ya bila kita bisa bercakap-cakap dengan nenek moyang garis darah kita atau pasangan untuk tahu bagaimana mereka bisa seperti yang banyak org kenang.

  4. A very interesting set of people Mbak! Mata Hari would be one of my guests too, as I’m also curious about her. I’d also love to have dinner with Michelle Obama and J. K. Rowling, both are my role models ❤

    • Ngga ada. Mata Hari punya anak dua. Yang satu meninggal masih kecil di Hindia Belanda. Yang satu lagi meninggal umur 14 tahun, dikubur di Velp, tempat tinggal terakhirnya dia dan ex suaminya Mata Hari (bapaknya anak ini).

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