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Day 4: What’s your favourite childhood memory?

My childhood was a blast. I had no worries. It was all about playing outside with friends, biking, roll skating, going to swimming and dancing lessons after school.

Image of happy little girls looking at camera while enjoying leisure

One memory I still remember vividly is this one from the kindergarten. I must have been 4 years old at the time. The evening before I went to the circus with my parents and sister. During the show I was captivated by the acrobat troupe. So the next day at school I tried to do the bridge on a swing. I thought it looked easy, why didn’t I try it myself. Standing on the swing in bridge position I asked a friend to move it fastly. Immediately I fell and felt the pain and thought, oops. Result: a big bump on my forehead and worried teachers. They called my mother to pick me up. She wasn’t mad but she only whispered, why did you do it? I answered because it seemed fun. Later on I thought I had been lucky as I could have broken my neck by doing that.

This is one of the memories I have of my childhood which involved me falling and causing many scars on my leg. I love those old times as I had no worries and most of all I was fearless!

Pic is courtesy of  Freepik.


4 thoughts on “Day 4: What’s your favourite childhood memory?

  1. Masa kecil itu emang paling bahagia ya mbak, gak perlu khawatir ini itu. Mainnnn terus kerjaannya, ahhh those days were amazing ❤️

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