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Day 3: Tell about an article of clothing that you are deeply attached to

I don’t have one particular article of clothing to which I am deeply attached. In general I love to wear dresses and skirts. In the winter it is quite difficult to wear them due to the cold and the required boots to stay warm. Not to mention me feeling guilty because I am a frequent user of nylon & lycra stockings/tights that are difficult to recycle.

Me posing against the wall at Casco Viejo, Bilbao Spain in May 2014

That’s why I associate dresses and skirts with spring and summer. In The Netherlands there is the so-called Rokjesdag (Skirt day). It is a first day in spring when the weather is warm enough to wear skirt/dress without stockings. Rokjesdag takes place in April mostly.

And now I am eagerly waiting for the first Rokjesdag this year when I can wear one of my dresses/skirts with bare legs.


11 thoughts on “Day 3: Tell about an article of clothing that you are deeply attached to

  1. Aku malah jarang pake skirt/dress… baru aja tahun terakhir mencoba lebih banyak makai. Nggak ada alasan khusus sebenarnya tapi bertahun-tahun aku cinta celana pendek hehehe

    • Aku juga waktu tomboy sampe SMA masih suka pake celana pendek, sejak kuliah sampe sekarang suka dress/skirt. Celana panjang suka juga sih, tapi lebih suka dress/skirt.

    • Ngga tahu ya kenapa Shin. Temen-temen deketku yang cowo selagi SD & SMP kaget lihat aku sekarang dandannya cewe banget ha…ha…

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