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This is your body in love

Today is Valentine’s Day. Although I don’t celebrate it anymore but I would love to share this following infographic here. It is about how our body reacts when we fall in love.

When I fell in love with my husband (he was then some stranger I met on Kuta beach, Bali) 25 years ago, I thought about him all the time, couldn’t eat and only listened to the music played when we first met trying to relive the moment.

The day I heard he felt the same way too, I walked on cloud nine. I just wanted to smile the whole time which I did. It was soooo stupid ha…ha…I couldn’t eat properly because I was not hungry, perhaps there was no room in my stomach as it was fully filled with butterflies. My friends told me I looked stunning at that time. Why did I not, it was surely because I was just stupidly walking around with that smug smiling face all the time.

Those days I just wanted to be with him. Only there was a little problem as he lived in The Netherlands and I resided in Indonesia. Hey, but our love conquered this Long Distance Relationship monster. The feeling has shifted, then I fell in love with him,  now I love him. In Dutch there is a difference between verliefd zijn op iemand (falling in love with someone) and houden van iemand (to love someone). Houden van iemand means literraly to hold from (please read from here as of for the convenience of translation) someone.  The acts of being stupidly in love are no more. What stays is that we love and complete each other.

Well, before I go cheesy on love, I should proceed this post. To those who are in love now, I wish you all the best. May the person you fall in love with, answers your feelings. Enjoy it so you can look back and laugh about it later like I do today.

Oh, the reason why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore is because I don’t need to dedicate one day to show my loved-ones my love. I do this every day.

This is your body in love

 Source: visual.ly

20 thoughts on “This is your body in love

    • Aku lebih romantis merayakan ulang tahun perkawinan sama suamiku Grant. Kalau menunjukkan cinta sih tiap hari, bahkan saat kita berantem pun tetap ada cinta 🙂

  1. Uh hui, emang jatuh cinta itu berjuta rasanya ya mbak, bisa bikin happy and mesem-mesem sendiri seharian…. dunia serasa milik berdua, yang lain ngontrak. Hihihi…..

  2. Ternyata perasaan perut penuh gak bisa makan itu beneran reaksi badan ya. Hihihi. Kirain cuma salah satu cara film hollywood jualan 😀

  3. Rasa pas perut dikilik2 itu gimanaaaa gitu ya awww sweet! Aku malah kecantol sama jawaban komen mbak yo di atas: dalam berantem pun ada cinta, jadi kaya ngeliat diri sendiri sama suami 😛

    • Ya kan? Orang pacaran atau menikah itu ada berantemnya, wajar. Dan dalam berantem aku usahakan ada cinta biar gampang baikannya ha…ha…

  4. Mba Yo sweeetttt banget sihhh.. Senengg setiap liat foto mba dan suami bareng di IG (walaupun jarang),hihihi kalian serasi sekali mbaa, ga keliatan kayak udah 25 tahun menikah 🙂

    • Ha…ha…terima kasih banyak Mar. Marriage equals hard work. Penyesuaian diri, kesampingkan ego, kompromi & menikmati hidup bareng-bareng tanpa kehilangan identitas diri. Waa, kok aku jawabnya jadi cheesy gini, sorry 🙂

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