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On the second day of Christmas

My second day of Christmas was spent with my in-laws since I have no family here. As a migrant living faraway from home, Christmas can be tough. So it was for me this year, I had this thing called homesick. Homesick to my mother’s house on Christmas day, missing my sisters and the rest of the family in Indonesia. Luckily my in-laws were very supportive. They cheered me up.

What did I do yesterday? Well, Christmas is a time for tradition. My family in law tradition is to go bowling cause we prefer to be active instead of sitting somewhere else inside and only drinking and eating. Each year one of the children (my husband and his siblings) takes turn in opening the house for dinner. This year was my brother in law’s turn so after bowling which I won the first round, we headed to his house. While waiting for dinner, we walked the dog in the surrounding. The temperature was mild for winter, it was 9 degree Celsius without wind. It was quite comfy actually.

The dinner is always a BYO as there are 15 of us. My sisters in law and I chose Italian cuisine as theme. We divided the tasks who brought which course. I got to prepare one main and one side dish. Those who follow me on Instagram (@yoyen2008, it is locked but feel free to follow if you want) perhaps saw my Instagram story preparing Beef roulade in Mediterranean style and grilled veggies with Italian herbs.

Here are three pics  I took with my iPhone yesterday. My family in law and I love food, good food. It doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it tastes good. Food makes me happy so hence I write this post with the only intention to share the food pics and the background story of them.

First, the welcome drink: sgroppino. My niece made this specialty from Veneto, Italy. It contained: vodka, prosecco, lemon sorbet and raspberry. The minors drank the alcohol-free version.

Then came the antipasti with homemade dips; pesto and tapenade. The rest is bought. Clockwise: skewers of mini mozarella, tomato & basil, white grapes, pesto, tapenade, prosciutto di Parma, coppa di Parma & Culatello.

And this the buffet; lasagna, grilled veggies, roulade plus gravy and beef stew accompanied with bread.

After devouring homemade tiramisu (my brother in law’s wife is half Italian) – also available the alcohol-free version for the minors – we played various games from board game to werewolves killing game. The last one was pretty interesting. So we kept busy until late.

Celebrating Christmas Dutch way and as in many western countries the accent lies on being together with the loved-ones. I had good food, nice drink, done some activities and most of all good times yesterday on the second day of Christmas. It was gezellig (cozy) as Dutchies call it.

Merry Christmas!


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