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Secluded getaway: Villa Inspirit in Ubud

When visiting Ubud last August I stayed in this fabulous eco-friendly Villa Inspirit in Pliatan. I rented this beautiful accommodation via AirBnB. This is not a paid review as I genuinely want to share some pictures and experiences staying there.

My family and I spent 4 nights at this excellent villa. We were a party of 8. This is the villa entrance with its private pool. The 4 ensuite master bedrooms are situated in the basement. My bedroom was the one nearby the creek. Listening to the calming water stream I slept with the windows open as it was cool at night, there was no need to turn on the air conditioning.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

The owner is a friendly French – Indonesian couple, Thierry and Ana Amat. Thierry is French and Ana is Javanese. They have this villa built by an architect, designed with respect for its surroundings and nature. Look at the airy, open space. This is the lounge overlooking the pool. In the evening you are able to pull the bamboo blinds for privacy and against the mosquitos.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

The large open kitchen is provided with refrigerator, water dispenser, toaster, oven, complete sets of cutlery, plates, glasses, cups, pots and pans and the necessities such as coffee, cream, sugar and tea. Ingredients for breakfast is included in the price such as: fresh fruit (pineapple, mango and watermelon), loaf of bread, butter, jam, milk, choco sprinkles and eggs. You can also ask Ana to prepare breakfast for a little amount of money should you not have enough time to prepare it yourself.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

The long, massive wood dinner table.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

The stairs to a massive open space upstairs.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

If you want to hold a yoga session with a yoga teacher, family Amat can arrange that for you. Doing yoga yourself is of course allowed.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

Or just take a seat on this comfortable bale (balinese lounge bench), watching the farmers working on the rice fields in front of you.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

Villa Inspirit Ubud

This villa is situated in rural Ubud. To reach the center of the village you need to take a motorcycle or a car. This can be arranged on the spot as well. I rented the car through the host and booked my crossing by fast boat to Gili Meno also here.

Cooling down in the pool is quite rewarding after exploring the region in a hot day.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

This tree has been left uncut during the building of the villa. It grows from where my bathroom is beneath the entrance. Each bedroom has an ensuite open bathroom Balinese style but it still yet offers enough privacy to the guests.

Villa Inspirit Ubud

I didn’t take pictures of the bedrooms, you can see them on the AirBnB listing.

Villa Inspirit, Ubud

My stay in Villa Inspirit was an unforgettable one. The villa is modern and well – equipped. There is no TV but who needs one there? As the accommodation itself is so cozy and the WiFi is super fast. 

The hosts are hospitable and hands-on. The location and its design are stunning in the middle of and blending effortlessly with the nature. I highly recommend it. Oh, I wouldn’t mind to come back again one day.

Villa Inspirit Ubud


30 thoughts on “Secluded getaway: Villa Inspirit in Ubud

  1. Yoyen, Is it only for a large Family? What about your transportation during your visit? Rental car? Gede dan airy bgt tempatnya! Bagus.

    • Tanya sendiri ya ke ownernya, there is a link to their AirBnB listing. I rented a car during my stay, it is impossible to travel with a large group in Bali without renting a car.

  2. aku naksir banget sama open kitchennya mbaaak…. mudah2an bikin nasgornya nggak gosong yaa gara2 bengong liat view di depan kitchen yang kece ijo royo2…

    • Aku cuma masak sarapan aja Shin dan ngerujak siang-siang sambil berenang. Bagus Shin, kamu anak arsitektur pasti tertarik lihatnya, built with respect for the culture and nature.

    • Balenya juga enak Tje. Kalo malem aku dan keluarga ngobrol di situ, dengerin suara jangkrik dan krei bambunya turun supaya ngga ada nyamuk. Romantis πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful villa, Lo. We love Ubud so might try to stay there next time we go to UbudπŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    • You’ re welcome Ria. For your boys the pool is a mini one. It is sufficient lah untuk ngadem setelah jalan-jalan seharian πŸ™‚

  4. Omg, heaven.. 😭😭. Suamiku bisa pingsan aku tunjukin ini, dia penggila kayu nih. Cantik banget mbak Yo, ambil foto nya juga bagus πŸ™‚

  5. HΓ©llo!! I would like to know if we we can book it directly? Are we far from a city? Can we visit the whole island from the house with a car?? Best regards

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