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Gone were the days when a goal simply meant a score in a sport match or when it indicated something one tried to achieve. Goal has been overly used the past years. It started as an internet lingo as this girl precisely put it on urban dictionary

What dumbass girls say to each other on Instagram when someone posts a pic that is very attractive or is of something they aspire to, like a relationship. It’s basically a way of sucking up to someone and it’s almost as annoying and shallow as when girls post shit like “OMG stop being so perf!” and then of course the required response is “no that’s you bb 😘” and it goes back and forth like that. Both examples are typically found thoroughly nauseating by non-sheeple types and those who don’t seek validation via Instagram likes

Well, read the description with a high dose of sarcasm ok?

Image is courtesy of Elle

Living with someone who frequently uses this term I hear it so often. That someone is my 15 years old daughter G so I asked her what that meant. She gave me a tip to look it up in the urban dictionary hence I did and quoted above. Apparently this overly used term has been strongly sparked by the visual seen on the net. Here are several examples I saw on comment sections on social networks:

  • Instagram fitness celebs posing their fit body, body goal!
  • Cute couple kissing, relationship goal!
  • Perfectly lined and painted lipstick, make up goal!
  • A bunch of girlfriends in a cozy place, squad goal!
  • Online celebs flaunting richness and bling – bling, life goal!
  • Girls trying to look edgy, also life goal!
  • Even this: a girl sitting on a rock on a beach, goal!

And you know what? I have noticed goal in the context I want it too seems only used by mostly girls and young women. Don’t boys and young men use it?

I once tried to check whether little missy knew that all the pictured perfection paraded online might be carefully curated. It is not real. We do not know what exactly happens behind all those goal inspiring pictures online. G assured me she knew and knows the difference between online perfection and offline reality. She said “I am not stupid, mama”.

Relieved by her assurance, I don’t find it harmful now. I find it rather amusing and funny because the girls use it for almost everything, in or out of context, they don’t care,  it doesn’t matter. Using a popular lingo shows teens know what is trendy at the moment (read: they are therefore not left behind and well up-dated).  They are cool. This is undoubtedly important in order to belong to the squad, ah that is a goal itself, isn’t it? I just hope instead of screaming goal this goal that, teens do pick truly inspiring goals to achieve, not just for the sake of online visual show.

While her father screams goaaaal watching Champions league football match between Arsenal – Paris Saint Germain, my daughter squeals goal with her BFF on facetime after they saw something nice on Tumblr. And me, her mother, attempts to understand the complex world of a teen daughter. Goal!!!!

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11 thoughts on “Goal!

  1. I think teenagers these days are easily influenced by things they think it’s glamourous or cool, depends what the peers say about it.

    We must admit that women have more negative image of themselves than boys / men because we’re raised to look into our errors and fails while men / boys are excused with “boys will be boys” term.

  2. Baca ini jadi inget ponakan suami, cewek 20 tahun sekarang.., tapi sejak umur belasan dia rajin cek medsosnya seleb favorit biar selalu ikut tren.. Terakhir dia ngabisin tabungannya buat beli anjing sejenis pudel seharga AUD 1000😱 Itu “goal” katanya, biar keren.. Emaknya gak abis pikir, pamannya (suamiku) geleng-geleng kepala.. Bahkan utk standar Australia, harga segitu termasuk mewah utk seekor anjing..

  3. As long as it is channeled to and via the right way, it is fine, I guess? It could become a way to get positively motivated.

    • Mostly yang bentar-bentar nulis goal ini itu dimataku shallow. Masa lihat foto cewe di atas batu di pantai banyak yang nulis goal sih? 🙂 Berlebihan tapi ya itulah dunianya mereka.

  4. Kayaknya kalau boys lebih cuek ya. Pemakai instagram juga kebanyakan cewe yah.. dan goals goals macem2 ini awalnya dari instagram ngga sih? Ehhh.. atau Tumblr? Oh anyway, salut sama G yg wise, tau bedain online portrayal sama offline reality, siapa dulu dong ya ibunya 🙂

  5. When I was a teenager, my goal was: Gadis sampul! 😀
    I guess, teens will always be teens. Seeking dreams and portraits of them selves among glamorous influences.

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