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Food journal Indonesian travel part 2

This is part 2 of my food journal during my Indonesian holiday last summer. Read the earlier published food journal Indonesian travel part 1.

So, without further ado, I hereby present you the famous Balinese nasi campur. Nasi campur means mixed (campur) rice (nasi). It basically consists of steamed rice (could be white, red or even yellow) accompanied with a handful of dishes. I ate this scrumptious Nasi Campur in Ubud. Clockwise on the plate there are: steamed white rice, spicy hot prawn, stir fried veggies (green beans, cabbage and bean sprouts), spicy desiccated coconut with peanuts (serundeng), hard-boiled egg in hot spicy sauce, fried tempe bites in ditto hot spicy sauce, slow cooked chicken in Balinese spices (ayam betutu/betutu chicken), sate of minced fish (Balinese sate lilit ikan) and prawn cracker. Up left there are three various sambal (chili condiments).

Note: although nasi campur is easily found all over the country but Indonesians homemade meals consist only of steamed rice, one veggie dish, one protein dish (chicken, meat, fish, tahu, tempe or egg), krupuk and of course sambal.
Nasi Campur Bebek Tepi Sawah

This is a portion of Balinese nasi campur I ordered in a restaurant in Kintamani. Clockwise on the plate: balinese minced fish sate, chicken sate with peanut sauce, stir fried veggies, omelette, sambal, cucumber pickle, fried noodles, fried rice and steamed white rice.


Balinese dessert; black rice pudding (bubur injin), sticky white rice with grated sweet potato in coconut milk topped with freshly grated young coconut. This vegan dessert is rich of gluten and therefore so filling. Black rice pudding (made of glutinous sticky black rice and a bit of coconut milk) is a common Indonesian dessert. In other regions it is known as bubur ketan hitam.

Black rice pudding

One day I went to a beach club and tried this fusion dessert: Balinese black rice pudding in Italian gelato style. Talking about combining two of the best desserts in the world.

Balinese black rice gelato

Bali is, besides its nature and culture, a culinary heaven. When one has had enough of local or Indonesian cuisines, there is a plethora of restaurants serving foreign cuisines. The past decade along with yoga and mindfulness, Bali offers more and more of addresses for clean and raw eating. This is chia pudding with fresh fruit from one of my favourite restaurants in Umalas, Nook. I recommend the Balinese nasi campur at Nook as well. I reviewed Nook outdoor dining last year, in that post there are more pics of the menu.


A chilled mango juice on Malia beach, Gili Meno.

Mango juice

A fresh pineapple bought from a local lady on the same beach.


In Chinatown Jakarta, I had this Chinese lunch. Prawn dumpling soup (Ha Kau), chicken noodles, mix of crispy pork belly (ngau yuk) and Cantonese barbecued pork (cha siu, cha sieuw or char siu). Chinese influence in Indonesian culinary is integrated in local taste. Try siomay Bandung, it is siu mai served with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, ketchup and chili sauce. Or order bakso, meatballs served with noodles.


Food stall at Jakarta Chinatown selling Hainanese rice, chinese nasi campur, chicken soup, Hokkien noodles integrated in Medan style.


This is a snap of a stand selling sweet cakes and savoury snacks at the pasar kue subuh (dawn cake market) located in Blok M, south Jakarta. This bustling market is open daily from 4 – 9 am. Sellers offer their goods on the street or pedestrian in front of the shops in Blok M market. Buyers may sample almost everything for free. Pasar kue subuh Blok M offers a range of delicacies; traditional steamed sweet cakes, cookies, birthday cakes, savoury snack, crackers, nuts and many many more. There are moms, resellers of workers who eat their breakfast before going to work. I love to visit this market whenever I am my hometown. It was around 7 am when I was there and taking this pic.

Note: there are approximately 4 pasar kue subuh in Jakarta. When you are there, give one of them a visit to explore what locals consume.



You know, talking about food I could go for hours. So let me end it here otherwise this post would be a long one. Should you have any question or remark, put it below. I will gladly reply it.


32 thoughts on “Food journal Indonesian travel part 2

  1. Wah part 2 makin enak2 makanannya:). Di Chinatown di mana Yen? Deket daerah Gloria? Ato Gloria sudah ga ada? Itu pasar subuh di Blok M? Hmmm gua ga pernah ke sana, nanti deh cobain kalo pulang. I am a sucker for Indonesian kue basah. Itu si om yg di foto pas yg di pasar subuh ngelihatin elo moto in dia sampe gitu pandangannya :):)

  2. Saya pernah lewat pasar kue yang di Senen tapi ga tahu itu subuh buka atau ngga. πŸ˜€
    Mbak Yo, lihat nasi campurnya langsung keinget pas ke Bali. Makan nasi campur di luar Bali udah enak, tapi pas makan di sana rasanya enak bangettttt…. πŸ˜€

    • Itu yang di Pasar Senen pasar kue subuh pertama di Jakarta Dan. Aku kalo ke situ jajan lamang tape Padang, ah enaknyo.

      Ngga lama kemudian muncul deh di Blok M terus sampe sekarang ada di Bintaro dan BSD juga di beberapa tempat lain.

  3. Berhubung aku SMP di Daerah senen (Jl.Kramat Pulo) maka tiap pagi aku ngelewatin pasar kue subuh itu..secara aku nyampe jam 6.45 diskolah jd masih banyak yang jualan jam segitu.

    Mbaaa kemaren aku nyobain nasi campu bu andhika…kok biasa aja ya? Aku ngiler liat nasi campur mba yo….

    Yeah….mba yo cannot end the post kalau bicara soal makanan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Nasi campur Bu Andhika yg terkenal emang karena pedesnya Kak Jo, bukan enaknya 😁 udah gitu cukup mahal untuk itungan nasi pedes di pinggir jalan atau warung gitu.

    • Yaolo itu surga banget Jo ha…ha…Bener Puji bilang branding bu Andhika itu pedesnya aja. Ada satu nasi campur di deket pasar Badung, itu enak. Terus ada lagi satu baru di jalan kecil sempalannya Sunset Road, nasi campur simpel, babi dan ayam goreng sisit pake sambal matah. Enak. Aku lupa namanya, nanti aku kasih tahu kalo inget ya.

      • Apa namanya Lo si nasi campur warung yg di Sunset Rd? Do let me know kl uda inget yaaaaπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  4. Mba Yoyen nasi campur Balinya sungguh menggoda. Udah lama aku ga ke pasar kue subuh nihh. Seru kali kalo kesana lagi.

    • Puji, enaknya kalo pingin tinggal ke sana. Aku cuma bisa lihat foto-foto aja di internet ha..ha..Ditunggu posnya ya kalo kulineran lagi.

    • Enak memang Gy terus banyak banget pilihan. Ada dimsuman, gorengan digoreng on the spot. Di tempat yang sama kalo malem setelah toko tutup banyak warung lesehan di parkiran, sampe malem jam 1 gitu. Terus abis itu aplusan sama pedagang pasar kue subuh.

  5. Baca tulisan ini pagi-pagi dan lihat jajanan pasar yang ‘tumpah’ itu bikin laper huhhuh berasa udah lama bener gak ngemil jajanan itu..
    Sate lilit paling aku sukaa πŸ˜€ rempah-rempahnya itu loh berasa banget.
    Foto-foto mbak mouthwatering banget deh *ngiler

  6. Mbak Yooo, pagi2 liat di tram jadi ngiler πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹. Btw dua minggu lalu aku makan nasi campur di Melbourne. Restonya milik orang lokal yg menikah sama orang Bali. Harganya $22, agak tinggi sih dibanding sama restaurant Indonesia lainnya. Tapi puassss.. πŸ˜‹

    • Iya Dil, aku juga ngga keberatan bayar mahalan dikit yang penting pasti enak. Kalo ngga aku ya pasti ngedumel. Kaya hari ini aku dan si mas ke food market, beli satu porsi sate ayam (3 tusuk) harganya moso 7,5 Euro, normalnya 5 Euro mana ngga begitu enak lagi. Ya ngedumel lah aku ha..ha..

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