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Bali Pulina Agrotourism

Exploring Tegallalang rice terrace in the outskirt of Ubud is best combined with a visit to Bali Pulina Agrotourism which is only 1,5 km up north.

Bali Pulina is a coffee plantation offering a tour about how coffee is prepared, from planting, harvesting, roasting until it is ready for consumption. Entering the site, visitors are welcomed by this green lush.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 1

These are appliances used in coffee plantation.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 2

My daughter G is roasting the coffee beans Balinese way, on a clay plate directly on a flame.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 3

These are the spices used in the coffee and tea. Bali Pulina produces tea as well beside coffee. You see among others cinnamon barks, cloves, white pepper, star anise, cardamom, ginger, curcuma.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 4

One of the main attractions of Bali Pulina is the most expensive coffee in the world: Kopi Luwak (civet coffee). I didn’t have a heart to photograph the civet in the cage. Civet coffee is a coffee made from coffee beans that have been eaten by the civet cat and pooped it out. Those beans (or should I say, berries?) are washed, cleansed, sun-dried (as picture below) and roasted.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 11

There is a cafe inside at Bali Pulina. Visitors can sip their Kopi Luwak at this rustic and inviting cafe.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 5

When you order one cup of Kopi Luwak, you will get these 7 tiny cups of tea and coffee for free: from top to bottom lemon tea (the empty cup), ginger tea, ginger coffee, ginseng coffee, chocolate coffee, pure cocoa, vanilla coffee, pure Bali coffee. Well, I am not a coffee connoisseur but according to my brother-in-law who ordered it, the Kopi Luwak tasted good.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 6

This is how the cafe looks like. The group on the left is my family, there were 8 of us.
Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 7

And this is the view from the platform, there is this valley with the river beneath.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 8

Turning left, there is this stunning rice terrace.
Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 9

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 12

On the way out there is this shop where visitors can buy coffee, tea and other products of Bali Pulina.

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism 10

Bali Pulina is worth a visit. When I was there the staff was so patient in explaining and answering our questions about the production process. They were not pushy trying to get me into the shop. I believe children would love to come here too, there are a lot to see, sniff and try. My teen daughter, niece and nephew love this place.

Next travel story from my Indonesian summer holiday is about Gili Meno, Lombok. Stay tuned!


19 thoughts on “Bali Pulina Agrotourism

  1. Liat foto2nya pengen lgs ke Bali deh mbak 😉

    btw pas kita disana, mas-mas yang ngeguide dari situ malah diajarin sejarah pohon ama si ragnar ha ha ha mas nya malah semangat terus ngambil buku dan pulpen 😀

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