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Jalan Alor delights

Up until now I have been floating on summer holiday bubble since I came back home in The Netherlands 12 days ago. Last month I spent my summer holiday in Indonesia with my family and my in-laws. When planning the trip the group agreed to visit Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia first because it was a handy stop before we parted for the following destination in Indonesia. We believed it would be good to adjust to the humid climate there combined with jet lag after a long – haul flight of 14 hours.

Another reason to bound for KL is to explore its culinary delights. It was a short stay of two days and two nights so we chose our route wisely. We explored Bukit Bintang and KLCC area. When I was there, KL sky was hazy. Pics I shot from Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower were not as good as I expected, so I spare you these.

Instead I decided to share pictures I took from Jalan Alor, one of the food streets in KL. To KL locals and regulars, this might not be a good choice cause this street has become touristy but this doesn’t let me to write this post.

This is where the group dined, a chinese stand. The service was fast and the food was delicious.

seafood vendor Jalan Alor KL

fresh sea food Jalan Alor KL

We consumed these dishes. Black pepper beef on hot plate and in the background stir fried water spinach (Kangkung) in fermented prawn (terasi) sauce.

Black pepper beef Jalan Alor KL

Chicken satay with peanut sauce. Compared to Indonesian version, this Malaysian satay uses much turmeric in the marinade. It was juicy on the inside and smokey crispy on the outside.

Chicken Satay Jalan Alor KL

In turmeric char grilled fish on banana leaf, served with spicy hot sambal.

Grilled fish on banana leaf Jalan Alor KL

Not pictured are rendang (beef curry, Malay style), prawn and crispy deep-fried squid. After devouring the food, we strolled along the street and snacking these.

Colourful dim sum (Chinese steamed dumplings). According to the vendor, the colours were from natural colourings. Well, I guess I just trust him on his words.

Colourful dim sum Jalan Alor KL

Spicy grilled chicken feet. To those who haven’t tasted it, its structure is gelatinous. Chicken feet contains much protein.

Spicy chicken feet Jalan Alor KL

Grilling Chinese pork jerky for that characteristic smokey flavour.

Chinese pork jerky Jalan Alor KL

My daughter ordered this Oreo rolled sheets ice cream topped with Mango chunks.

Mango Oreo Ice cream Jalan Alor KL

On Jalan Alor there are many cuisines to choose from; Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indian. Locals say the prices might be adjusted to (western) tourists. So when you want to go local, head to food courts located in many shopping malls spread in the city, restaurants or eat houses or simply take a seat at the food stalls on the streets. Do not forget to try Malaysian national dishes: Nasi Lemak for breakfast and Laksa. A lot of laksa!

That was it for now. Next post is about the following destination: seeing Orangutan in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra Indonesia. Stay tuned!


15 thoughts on “Jalan Alor delights

  1. Oh my goshhh you make me hungry by looking at all those food pics, Lo! The fish and satay and babi look soooo delicious! I’m drooling! xx

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