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An attempt to understand people and faith

In this blog I prefer not to write about faith but last year I reached this stage of enlightenment about understanding people and faith. I need to put a disclaimer here; reading this post requires an open mind as I don’t mean to attack certain groups or individuals. This is pure my thought. Disagree with me, do write your opinion in the comment section. As long as you express it nicely, I gladly reply it.

Coming from Indonesia where the state officially acknowledges religions and now living in the secular country I experience the two extremes regarding faith.

I think I have figured out why fanatic religious people impose their faith on others. These people believe they have found the truth, they have seen the light, therefore they are saved. The following logic is to tell the world about it. Their heart is overflowing of the joy they want others to experience it too. They wish others would be on their path.

That is my observation and I noticed ever since I have understand those hardliner religious people better. For the records: it concerns many religions which I come in contact with not just solely Christianity or Islam.

For us outsiders, some fanatics might seem self-righteous but in fact they annunciate their truth. To this extent I understand why. Attention: I understand why but I don’t always agree of approve how they do it.

Following discussions between believers and non-believers is interesting as well. The former persuades the latter to follow the same path but the latter doesn’t want to be saved. It is difficult because faith is believing in something invisible. Faith is very personal. Faith is in fact a relationship between a believer with the Almighty.

I feel genuinely sorry for faith related conflicts either in personal situations between friends and family members, as strong conflicts and religious intolerance in the world. Now I get a broad understanding why this happen. Let this be a start for more understanding among us, less judgments as there is quite a number of faiths/religions in the world with their own interpretation.

This is my note on a cloudy lazy summer Sunday afternoon.



21 thoughts on “An attempt to understand people and faith

  1. Indeed Mbak Yo. Faith is about believing in something invisible. Thus, it is rather sad to see conflicts among people related to faith.

  2. The understanding should go in both directions 🙂 . It is such a shame that something personal like personal belief affects other aspects of life as well, especially if this triggers bad things to happen (in many different ways).

  3. I agree with you at most points 🙂 It’s actually really nice when people genuinely think of others and want them to be enlighten and saved too. But, to be TOTALLY honest, looking at how some people attempt to “save others”, it feels more like insistance and demand (which is a contradiction to share the joy and path). Real life example: When I was a kid, my Indonesian neighbor told me her parents would only allow me to play with her, if I confess to their religion.

    I think some people can be just twisted and arrogant. We, humans, are weak sometimes. Sadly.

    In my humble opinion, we can of course share/discuss our views, opinions and even beliefs to others, but it lays completely in their hand whether to agree to it or believe it. Moreover, I think the Almighty’s grace and forgiveness are not things we can gain with our mere human power and understanding. It requires us to surrender and trust Him our life, it’s not something we can get with logic nor pay with money. It’s a gift not a trade. So, shoving a religion to others, in order to save them, won’t work anyway.

    Thanks for writing such an intriguing thought.

    – E.

      • Sorry maybe I don’t understand your article quite well, but as far as I’m concerned I didn’t agree in every angle with you. I tried to show you the other side of the coin in your theory.
        The way I see it with what I personally experienced, my neighbors didn’t threat me to convert to their believe because they wanted me to be saved. They were merely just being abusive, arogant and absurd. If it came from a selfless heart, they would inspire me with possitive words & attitude.

        In a nutshell: Yes, there are ppl who genuinely want other people to have what they think they have (e.g. salvation/eternal live/rewards in heaven/etc) & that’s why they share their believe. But there are also ppl who merely do it to bully or oppress others and use “religion” as an excuse. See, no “saving ppl” is involved in this.
        The two are possible answers to your initial question but very different from each other.

        • Fanatic religious people as I stated in my post, don’t necessarily use violence or threat people to shove their belief upon others. Some do it subtly like your neighbours.

          And re this one: But there are also ppl who merely do it to bully or oppress others and use “religion” as an excuse. See, no “saving ppl” is involved in this.
          The two are possible answers to your initial question but very different from each other. I believe this is a different subject for another post.

          And I don’t seek for an answer as I have found it for myself therefore I shared it here. My excuse if you lost in translation perhaps I should have elaborated more as my English might be inadequate.

  4. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1)

    Its so true..some people who thought that they are saved to what they believe felt overjoyed and trying to make people experience the same way. Byt then they forgot what fait is.

  5. I was thinking about how one of my favorite bloggers was doing.., then came along this post from you..😀 This is rather deep thoughts but hey..you speak my mind! Once I had to tell someone (who kept trying to “save” me) that I was capable to save myself. Guess what.., unsurprisingly that person took it differently, if you know what I mean. Oh well.., life happens.. Have a great summertime, Lorraine..😃

    • Hi Em, I have been busy at work and after work. Ah you know lah, before the long summer starts many has to be done.

      This post is rather deep indeed but I really wanted to share it here. It was sort of enlightment for me.

      Thank you, I think I’d have a great summer here.

  6. A good post. For me, I believe there is someone / something that beyond ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and he / she / it has a great plan for all of us.

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