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What would happen if humans disappeared?

Look at this thought-provoking video made by #Mind Warehouse. Supported by the facts and situations we know now, it is not looking good for Mother Earth because of how we treat her.  As shown in this video, this planet would survive without us, humans. It is difficult for me to state otherwise.

This is food for thought in the meteorological start of summer today.


12 thoughts on “What would happen if humans disappeared?

    • No one knows when this actually is going to happen. Perhaps a couple of generations after us would be watching, from another planet?

      • Maybe there’s a certain beauty in humanity though, the hustle and bustle that we all partake in and the world we build for ourselves under the guise of society. -SS

  1. Thought provoking indeed. Got me thinking about:
    – plastic is real bad
    – mutant dogs?
    – different scenarios on Aztec/Mayan and other similar civilizations
    – global warming

    Whew! but in a way I think it’s a nice reminder to live responsibly, TFS 🙂

    • Plastic and styrofoam are really really bad indeed. Ha, how interesting that you think of the Aztec/Mayan civilizations, I haven’t linked it. Anyhow this video starts with assuming that humans are gone, the reason about this is not important.

      This video got me thinking that we are just guests on earth but yet we treat our host so badly.

  2. Truth. But the sun has limited lifespan too, over the next 5 billions years it will turn into red giant and heating up….

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