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Bomal sur Ourthe

The outdoor life on a camping site includes walking, a lot of it. One day I walked 20 minutes from Barvaux sur Ourthe to Bomal sur Ourthe. Both villages are located along the Ourthe river bank. These are the pics I shot that day. Every Sunday from 8 am – 1 pm there is a fresh market called La Petite Batte in Bomal sur Ourthe. The market was busy with vendors selling their goodies, fruits, vegetables, bread and bric à brac. There were many tourists beside the locals as well, I managed to spot and shot these.

Fresh herbs in a pot, rosemary, parsley, thyme, dille, mint etc.

Dried sausages in various flavours, c’est bon!

These are wild asparagus from the woods. I have never seen them before. Beautiful right? From half of April until the end of Mei there is Asparagus season in West – Europe.


There are 1200 people living in Bomal sur Ourthe.



This castle (Château de Bomal), built in 1776, is a private property with no access for public. However the castle park around it is worth a visit. Renovation of the park was completed in 2012. It is quite new.


It is idyllic and soothing to see all the greens present.



Closing the travel stories series of The Ardennes here is Kriek, Belgian beer made of cherries. Salut!

Kriek, Belgian cherry beer, Liefmans



15 thoughts on “Bomal sur Ourthe

  1. Mbak Yoooooo… Bahagia banget saya lihat foto-foto di sini. Hahaha. Iya wild asparagusnya cantik banget Mbak… 😊

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