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One sunny day

Yesterday my family and I were out and about in Arnhem and surroundings. It was the first sunny day. Furthermore it was a holiday due to Ascencion Day.

First we went to Hoogte 80 Festival. It is a festival from 5 – 8 May filled with music, dance and theater. There were also foodtrucks, games and kids entertainers present. Hoogte 80, Height 80 is a park at the highest point in Arnhem, 80 meters above the sea level to be exact. 80 meter height is a big deal in the Netherlands where the airport is situated under the sea level. And don’t forget what the country name means; Nether (low), Lands (countries).

Here are my husband and daughter climbing up to the venue.

And this is how Hoogte 80 looks like. On the left in the horizon you see the contours of Nijmegen (24 km from Arnhem) and Kleve, a little town in Germany.

Well, the park was packed with people so we couldn’t get a spot to settle. Furthermore it was so hot, the sun shone brightly at 21 degrees C. To those coming from a tropical country this might be a cool temp but trust me, everyone here was having enough of the heat.

We left Hoogte 80, looking for some shady place to relax and visited this city tiny park tucked away between boring looking buildings. Coehoorn park is dressed in Italian theme for the Giro d’Italia start in Arnhem this coming weekend.

Coehoorn area, in front of Arnhem Central Station is busy emerging and developing as a creative quarter just like Modekwartier. Modekwartier focuses on upscale fashion and dining hotspots, while Coehoorn area is more underground. The vibe reminds me of Kreuzberg quarter in Berlin and Shoreditch in London, a bit edgy, a mix of vintage, art, urban, hipster and green environmentalist.

After a while we had dinner at our favourite trattoria in the city. We dined outside on the terrace but I didn’t take pics of the food due to harsh sunlight. Just look at this beautiful cherry blossoms above our table.

Cruising along the Rhine afterwards, we ended up in Duno plateau at 8 pm. Duno plateau is a part of a small nature reservation on the Rhine riverbank in an idyllic tiny village called Heveadorp, part of Renkum municipality.

With this view over the Rhine river in the golden hour.

Stunning right? I had a good time with my loved-ones. It was a beautiful sunny day with good food, music and chat. What more could I ask for?
All pics were taken with iPhone and unedited.


25 thoughts on “One sunny day

  1. Looks like a really beautiful day! I miss being in the cool outdoors, appreciating the sun. The sun on this side of the world is getting harsher by the minute, so hot!

  2. Spring has sprung in the Low Land? Disini masih cool udaranya dan masih jarang mataharinya kalau weekend! Nice beautiful family time out for you!

  3. What a beautiful blue sky. I love blue sunny sky. It makes me happy and feel energized. I am lucky to live in a place where we get to enjoy a lot of sun.

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