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MM: Last night a dj saved my life 

Last night, well Saturday night a dj saved my life. That night I went to the disco with my girlfriends. Especially dedicated to discolovers it was a night filled with disco, soul, funk hits from the 70es and 80es. So I share this disco classic from early 80es, Last night a dj saved my life from Indeep. Particularly I love the hypnotizing guitar throughout this song.  I was ten when this hit was released but I danced to it 8 years later in a disco. As a dancer I frequented the discotheque back then in Jakarta.

The discolovers night itself was awesome. All visitors seemed older than 40 years old including yours truly. Some were dressed to impressed. I dressed comfortably, a simple dress with flats on it unlike 26 years ago when I preferred to wear high heels and paid more attention to the dress and makeup. The venue was packed with two dj’s in action. It was nice to see fellow middle-aged people having fun. When the dj played a tune, the crowd recognized it and cheered happily. My girlfriends and I danced the night away up untill 2 am. Then came the notion from our body that we were not so young anymore. We then contentedly headed home. Last night a dj saved my life….


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