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Maart roert z’n staart

On this first day of March I won’t share this March please be good for me cliché. I won’t do this because March is unpredictable. In Dutch, there is this weather saying: Maart roert z’n staart. March stirs its tail, meaning in March the weather could still be cold with wintry showers. While 1 March marks the meteorological start of Spring officially, today it was cold. When I left home for work the temperature was minus 7 degree Celsius this morning. It stayed grey the whole day. In the afternoon it rained so I was soaking wet when I reached home. Maart roert z’n staart.

maart roert zijn staart

It is not that I complain about this month. I only want to share this weather saying in Dutch because it describes the weather condition here perfectly. Often Maart roert z’n staart is followed by April doet wat ie wil which means April is unpredictable. I wholly agree with it since it is so difficult to choose which garment to wear, wintercoat or raincoat?

Closing this short post here are two trivia:

  • March was the first month in the Roman calendar. The original Roman name, Martius comes from the god of war, Mars.
  • March birth flower is Daffodil as seen in the picture above. That picture was taken in March 2011.

14 thoughts on “Maart roert z’n staart

  1. Hallo mba yoyen. Mba apakah setiap bulannya punya julukan sendiri-sendiri di Belanda? Ini ada maart ada April. Kalau ibu saya bilang Januari kepanjangannya Hujan Sehari-hari, tapi agaknya itu tidak terlalu berlaku lagi karena isunya kan climate change ya :).

  2. Ternyata sama ya mbak. Di sini tanggal 1 Maret yang officially Autumn cuacanya masih summer banget. Mungkin karena bulan transisi pertama ya

  3. Cuacanya masih peralihan ya mba :). Jaga kesehatan yaaa
    Disini masih hujan setiap hari (puji Tuhan gak pake banjir) 😀

  4. Hihii.. Iya mbak.. di bulan2 kayak gini di Belanda membingungkan mau pakai baju kayak gimana. Perlu update ramalan cuaca setiap mau keluar ya. 😀

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