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Prego Palermo Part 2

Continuing part 1 of Palermo trip, here are some more pictures of the historical sites in the city.

This is Chiesa di San Cataldo, a small church built in 1160. It is another trace in the city of the Arab – Norman architecture. On the church roof there are three Arabian style domes.

Chiesa de San Cantaldo Palermo

The tower seems like a minaret of a mosque than a church tower.
Chiesa de San Cantaldo Palermo

Entry of the church.
Chiesa de San Cantaldo Palermo

Moi standing in front of Chiesa di San Cantaldo.

The chiesa (church) di San Cataldo lies on the Piazza Bellini (Bellini square).
Piazza Bellini Palermo

Next to Piazza Bellini there is Piazza Pretoria. This square was built in the 16th century. In the middle of the square there is a beautiful fountain called Fontana Pretoria.It is surrounded by the town hall, a church and two palazzi (two palaces).
Piazza Pretoria Palermo, Fontana Pretoria Palermo

The fountain was made in Florence from 1552 – 1555 by the Florentine sculptor Francesco Camilliani, assisted by Michelangelo Naccherino an several apprentices which was a common practice back then. It is one of most beautiful Renaissance style fountains in Italy.
Fontana Pretoria Palermo

Originally the fountain was intended for a garden of Luigi de Toledo, Cosimo de Medici’s brother-in-law. De Toledo sold it in 1573 to Palermo Senate. It was installed on the Piazza Pretoria. The fountain consists of two tiers with sculptures of animals, monsters and naked gods, goddesses and nymphs made from fine white Carrara marble.
Fontana Pretoria Palermo

Due to the many nude figures this fountain is also called Fontana della Vergogna or the Fountain of shame literally and figuratively of the shameless corruption in the city. This one looks like a bathtub, don’t you think?
Fontana Pretoria Palermo

Fontana Pretoria Palermo

Piazza Pretoria Palermo

Leaving Piazza Pretoria to the right, there is Piazza Vigliena or better known as Quattro Canti. This square from the 17th century contains four Baroque style facades. Each corner represents a season. This one depicts the winter, located in the south to the Kalsa square where I stayed. Quattro Canti connects two major streets of Palermo, Via Maqueda and Via Vittorio Emanuele.
Quattro Canti Palermo

Despite the architectural grandeur and splendour of the past, Palermo is a poor city. Unemployment of Palermo is high due to its crisis and the battle with the dominant mafia. No, I haven’t met any Cosa Nostra members though.
Via Maqueda Palermo

Strolling in the neighbourhood of Via Cappuccini. My family and I wanted to see the typical Palermitan neighbourhood with our own eyes.
It is a pity to see the once excellent buildings are in state of advanced decay, like this palazzo.

Aside from the state of the city and as the rest of Sicily, I highly recommend Palermo to those who are interested in history, architecture and food. Story of the latter is coming up.

Via Maqueda

Palermo Falcone Borsellino airport is situated ca 35 km outside the city. The airport is named after two leading anti-mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino who were murdered by the mafia in 1992.  The aeroporto is a special one because of its location on the shore.

Grazie e arrivedeci Palermo. Till next visit!

19 thoughts on “Prego Palermo Part 2

  1. Palermo does look very very pretty!!!

    Did you go around the island of Sicily as well? 😀 I think there was some sort of temple that looked like the Parthenon somewhere not far away?

    • No, I only stayed in Palermo. There are many temples spread in other parts of the island. I heard from my friends Messina and Syracusa are beautiful. Next time to Sicily I think I will fly to Catania instead of Palermo.

  2. Palermo keren bgt ya! Taun lalu hampir kesana mau liat kuburan pastor cappucin. Tp gak sempet krn padat bgt itinerarynya. Semoga taun ini ada kesempatan.

    • Bagus Clara kotanya. Kecil dan compact sih, bisa jalan kaki kemana-mana. Hanya dibanding Italy mainland ya Palermo ini kotor dan miskin. Banyak gedung tua ngga dirawat, sayang. Aku rencana balik ke Sicily pingin ke Messina & Syracusa. My friends have been there, bagus.

  3. Great photos Mbak, I particularly love the architectures and sculptures. Palermo looks like my kind of holiday destination 😀

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