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The Hateful Eight

The long-awaited Tarantino is there. The Hateful Eight is a western film just like his latest work, Django unchained. And well Tarantino delivers, again.

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The plot
It is somewhere in wintry Wyoming, a couple of years after the Civil War ca 1870. Bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russel) brings his captive, the notorious Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to Red Rock. On the way they meet Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) a major who fought in the war and is now a bounty hunter too and Sheriff Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins). Ruth wants to bring Domergue to justice the following day to see her hanged and collect his reward USD 10.000. Alas the bad winter storm forces them to stop taking shelter at Minnie’s Haberdashery.

In that inn there are four persons present; Bob “The Mexican” (Demian Bichir), who explains that the owner, Minnie Mink (Dana Gourrier), is visiting family for a week and has entrusted the passover to him, Oswaldo “The Little Man” Mobray (Tim Roth)  with an English accent, Joe “The Cow Puncher” Gage (Michael Madsen), a quiet cowboy and Sanford “The Confederate” Smithers (Bruce Dern), retired Confederate General.

The Mexican declares that the inn’s owner, Minnie has gone to her family. She trusted him to manage it. However Warren becomes suspicious as he observes this situation. Nobody, I repeat, nobody between these hateful eight, trust someone in that inn. Are the four already in the inn aware of the USD 10.000 awaits for Ruth if he delivers Domergue to justice? And would they like to claim it themselves or would they free Domergue?

And this is how the plot develops further. I won’t spoil anything, just see it for yourself.

My review
This film is divided into 6 chapters. It seems like an opera to me. This lengthy motion picture (2 hours 40 mins) didn’t bother me at all because it is well made. The tension is carefully built, the dialogues go smoothly albeit so many swearing and scolding which are typical Tarantino. And of course blood. Expect to see very much blood in the finale.

I also admire the camera work capturing Wyoming wintry scenes so beautifully. The music score matches the ambiance of the dreary plot perfectly; the hateful eight persons who are capable of doing terrible things to each other and not afraid of it. Ok, the movie is long but it is entertaining. The cast is excellent. To name the two of them: Jennifer Jason Leigh is badass, I remember her performing that freaky roommate in Single White Female. Samuel L. Jackson is convincing as a cool, full of authority major Warren.

It is worth the wait to see Tarantino movie again despite the length of it. Nonetheless it is not recommended for the fainted heart.

16 thoughts on “The Hateful Eight

  1. Gisterenavond deze film gezien en me geen seconde verveeld .. veel zinvol Ên zinloos geweld, hilarische conversaties, absurde scenes (het openen van de deur en het vervolgens dichtspijkeren ervan, drie lijken op de postkoets, ‘stille nacht’ op de piano, etcetera), het constante gieren van de wind om het huis en natuurlijk de brief van Abraham Lincoln .. nu al een klassieker! Ben het helemaal eens met je eindconclusie! 🙂

    • Het is Tarantino ten top weer he Frank! Inderdaad prachtig ijzersterke en supersnelle dialogen. You get the bullet, bullet! En die scene met het openen van de deur is ook klassiek. De muziek vind ik ook zo passend bij de droevige scenes. Geen wonder dat de arrangeur een Golden Globe award heeft gewonnen. Er is zo veel spanning met een tikkeltje zwarte humor erin, gore scenes en jaa als laatste die brief he. Er zitten heel veel lagen wat dat betreft omdat die majoor Warren zwart is. Die Daisy noemt hem bij de eerste ontmoeting nigger. Dat zou toch vandaag de dag niet kunnen in echte Amerika. Nou zijn we er dus eens dat Tarantino het weer heeft geflikt!.

  2. This movie is the one I have to watch… a lot of blood and snot could be very exciting… However, as a movie buff, have you seen the Oscar nominate best movie The Revenant? What do you think of it?

    • You should Nin. I saw The Revenant one week after I saw The Hateful Eight. The review is scheduled to appear next week 😉

  3. Hahaha terakhir nonton film Tarantino, Kill Bill, seminggu ogah makan daging karna eneg liat darah. Tapi film nya Tarantino biasanya worth it buat ditonton sih, bagus dan berbobot.

    • Tarantino kalo buat film saking over the top jadi kadang aku lihatnya sebagai satire. The Hateful Eight seperti opera May, opera Wild West, dibagi di 6 acts gitu.

  4. Actually I skip this post since I’m too afraid of the spoiler.
    Right from chapter 1-5 (maybe)? I wonder, why there is no blood. I bring along my long scarf just to cover my face since I know how bloody Tarantino would be. And… a scene just pop out before I got the chance to cover my eyes.Ouch… Well done Tarantino.
    Sheriff Mannix cast is quite interesting. How can a man continuous talking like that 🙂 so annoying but at the end, he is a surprise.
    Daisy cast is also excellent

    Must watch! 🙂

      • Mba yo.. Kok si hangman mirip banget ama christopher waltz ya? Kupikir waltz itu satu paket sama tarantino dan aku suka sama english dia.. Artikulasi nya keren lah .. Sempet terkecoh pas dia muncul eh rupanya bukan

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