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30 ways to lose an argument

What has happened recently and is happening in the world now has sparked serious and hefty discussions both off- and online. I have noticed that some discussions turned into an endless vicious circle where people involved express themselves in certain way. That is why I share this readable but yet lengthy infographic today. It encloses 30 reasons to lose an argument. This infographic complements what I wrote about discussion etiquette last year, it is ok to agree to disagree.

Scroll down then you will see many variations of generalisation, validation, ignorance, false causality, wrong topic and others. Some of them are in latin term. It is an extensive one and a couple of them look similar but nevertheless I put it here for you as I have surely learnt something from it, I hope you would as well.


Source: the visual communication guy


17 thoughts on “30 ways to lose an argument

  1. Hanya sedikit sekali istilah yang mbak yo share diatas yg pernah saya dengar, sisanya sangat baru buat saya (minim ilmu), trimakasih info dan ilmunya mbak yo.

  2. Dulu pernah dengar post hoc propter hoc :hihi. Memang banyak yang bisa membuat omongan jadi pointless, ya. Baik mengecek fakta dan mengumpulkan banyak bukti sebelum mengambil kesimpulan…

  3. The problem is that sometimes in the internet there is no “moderator” which would allow us to discuss matters in “correct” manner. If there is no willingness from both sides to discuss a matter healthily (hence, for instance, avoiding the logical fallacies above), I find it useless to begin discussing with 😛 .

    • It is. Some begin to discuss to get their right, while some disscussions are just an opportunity to express one’ s opinion. There’s no right or wrong.

  4. Excellent post… There are so many types of fallacies one still may ask how losing an argument would be possible 😛 … Sending best wishes. Aquileana 🐉☀️

  5. Very clear boxes of different types of disccusions. I think that is why there is a different between an argument and a debate. When people are using these methods they are starting to argue rather than debate, I can’t be bothered talking with people when they start doing that. In my brain I would just *initiate shut down or *change topic to ‘oh the weather is bla bla today…

    • Yes, those with such attitude begin a debate to win while discussions could be an opportunity to only express one’s opinion. There is no right or wrong.

  6. Di setiap deskripsi either saya merasa pernah melakukan hal tersebut atau pernah melihat orang melakukan hal tersebut atau pernah meladeni orang yang melakukan hal tersebut. Yes, those are indeed 30 ways to lose an argument, but the thing is those who fall into any of the descriptions above rarely feel that they lose the argument.

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