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Porta Palazzo Market

Turin’s Porta Palazzo Market is said to be the largest open air market in Europe. It is located on Piazza della Repubblica. There are approximately 1000 stalls in and outside the market buildings. This lively and crowded market offers food, flowers, clothes, shoes, household articles et cetera.

The market was opened in 1701. The octagonal square Piazza della Repubblica was completed in 1817. Porta Palazzo market was appointed by a decree of the municipality of the city as the only produce market in Turin. The latest major renovation dated from 2006.

An aerial photograph of the market and the octagonal Piazza della Repubblica. Pic is courtesy of Skycraper city.

In one part of the indoor areas there are vendors of meat, cold cut (sausages, ham etc), cheeses, fresh and dry pasta and other delicacies.

salsiccia torino

Torino Porta Palazzo mercato

This is an area for bio-products from local farmers. They offer fruit, vegetable and herbs of the season. I love the design of the roof and the stained glass details on it.

verdura Porta Palazzo Torino

Purple Cauliflower is an Italian sort of this cabbage species.

Cauli flower Porta Palazzo

Italians eat these courgette (zucchini) flowers, mostly filled with ricotta cheese.

Zucchini flower Porta Palazzo

Fresh sage. I pay a triple price for a bunch of fresh sage in The Netherlands.

Sage salvia

Going outside the market, plenty of stalls present fresh fruit and vegetable as well. It’s autumn, the season of comfort food with mushrooms. Porcini mushroom is mostly used in creamy Risotto ai funghi, Italian comfort dish form the north regions of Lombardia and Piemonte.
Porcini mushroom

Small red pepper (peperoncini) with raw purple and green olives at the background.
Peperoncini Porta Palazzo

These oranges come from Sicily as the vendor told me.
Citrus Porta Palazzo

I rented an apartment nearby the market. Within 3 minutes walking I was in the market every morning when I was there. Husband and I took our cappuccino standing on a petite local bar in one of the market buildings. We love to watch the people passing by without understanding a word they said.The colours were vibrant, the ambiance lively and the products fresh. For a foodie like me, What more could you ask for?

Il Mercato de Porta Palazzo
Piazza della Repubblica
10152 Torino
Opening hours
Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 2.00 pm
Saturday 07.30 am – 7.30 pm

Porta Palazzo history and future of the heart of Torino

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23 thoughts on “Porta Palazzo Market

  1. Wow, Mbak Yo, aku seneng banget lihat foto-foto disini. Fresh. Aku seneng ke pasar soalnya. Ini semacam Haagse Markt ya mbak berarti, soalnya segala macam ada. Bedanya kalau Haagse Markt bener-bener outdoor ga ada atapnya. Baru selesai renovasi, jadi sekarang bagus banget tempatnya.
    Rasanya kembang kol yang ungu apa sama dengan yang putih? Baru lihat ini soalnya, gemes jadinya πŸ˜€

    • Porta Palazzo ini sepertinya besarnya 8 kali Haagse Markt. Gede banget Den! Ada 5 bangunan untuk daging/cold cut, rempah-rempah, ikan/seafood, bahan kering & condiment. Selebihnya ya stand pake tenda diluar seperti kelihatan difoto pertama. Rasa kembang kol ungu sama seperti yang putih.

  2. Mbak Lorrainee itu ga salah porcini sekilo cuma 10euro? Aku pas ke Milan beli yang keringnya 200gr harganya €15 πŸ˜‚
    Produknya seger-seger bangeeet, ngiler liat semuanya!

  3. Seger banget lihatnya Mbak Yo. 1000 stall mah puas banget milihnya. Jadi ngiler lihat aneka kesegarannya Mbak Yo..

    • Iya Sandrine, males masak kesini bisa beli makanan jadi πŸ™‚ Waktu di Turin aku kesini tiap pagi, ngopi terus beli buah-buahan.

  4. Foto2nya bagus banget mbaa, suka! πŸ’• itu peperonici bentuknya kayak rawit banget ya, pedesan mana mba?
    Btw, thanks udah follow blogku mbaa, such an honor for me heheh..

    • Makasih Fenti. You are welcome πŸ™‚ Itu peperoncini lebih besar sedikit dari cabe rawit. Warnanya aja yang merah rasanya sih ngga sepedes cabe rawit.

    • Masak cuma sekali di apartemen karena makan diluar affordable banget dan enak πŸ˜‰ Yang tiap hari beli itu buah, parma ham & pasticceria. Enakkk!!!

  5. Aaaah i love Torino. Porta palazzo ini super duper komplit. Betah banget yaa di pasar sana. Itu salvia aku doyan banget. Bikin pasta pake salvia sama pinoli aja rasanya udah banget. Salvia juga sama mertuaku digoreng pake tepung kayak kripik bayem gitu. Enak banget. Disini salvia murah dan ada dimana2. Kami biasanya metik di halaman hehehe

    • Iya, aku biasanya pasta, butter & sage (salvia). Enak, simpel tapi rasanya ok. Iya, digoreng tepung seperti tempura gitu juga enak ya. Harganya disini yang seger agak mahal, hampir € 2,- seiket kecil.

      Aku suka pasar ini karena teratur dan bersih Gi.

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