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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an ability to perceive emotions at one self and others. This intelligence is measured in Emotional Quotient (EQ). People with high EQ know how to faultlessly use and estimate how their emotions are and the impact of them on others. They are also capable of estimating others’ emotions. This is shown in how they express themselves verbally and orally (in words and writing). Gestures are sometimes used as well.

This is not strange because the way we speak and conduct ourselves is influenced by our emotions. In several cultures negative emotions are seen as bad but they also have a function. Those with adequate Emotional Intelligence are competent to handle negative emotions of themselves and others.

Some say EQ gets higher as one gets older. Self – knowledge, empathy, social skills and life experiences are factors which form the EQ. Job applicants need to do an assessment test where EQ test is part of it. The future employers would know how the new employe would fit in the team.

Aside from these psychological terms, we asses our EQ every day without realizing it. Before we do or say something, we weigh the carefully chosen words or not before we bluntly say them. Well, most of us do, some don’t. In some cases age doesn’t matter. Some people are born naturally with high EQ, some not. EQ can be natured and nurtured. Which one are you?

I insert the infographic below to clarify my explanation above. The catchy sub-title attracts me:

Emotional Intelligence isn’t being nice to people. It is the ability to VALIDLY reason with emotions

Now you know how to increase your EQ. Place yourself in other’s shoes before you say something to him. How would he react to what you say. How and when you say the message is also important. Choose the right words and the good timing. So next time you meet someone with negative emotions, do not brush them off. Perceive and acknowledge them. A little empathy could do wonders you know.

Source: Business insider

16 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence

  1. Nice post mba yo.. Aku ga bisa baca inphographicnya sih but I agree with your explanation above. So, EQ can be Nature and nurtured ya… I hope I can be more wise in uttering sentences and I will say something that I won’t regret later…

  2. salam kenal mba yo aq dinda. silent reader hehehhe . aq suka banget postingan yang ini (kayaknya hampir semua postingan mbak yo suka deh krna jd banyak nambah ilmu hihihiih bisa buat contekan deh) dan udah pasti aq tipe yg EQ nurtured soalnya harus banyak belajar dalam mengelola emosi hihihihihi

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  4. Interesting post! I think EQ can trump IQ in some cases. People with high IQ but lack of EQ may not be as successful compared to those who have average IQ but possess high EQ. People with high EQ are also said to be resilient. After all high IQ isn’t everything,but it’s good to have it πŸ™‚

    • People with high IQ but lack of EQ may not be as successful compared to those who have average IQ but possess high EQ. This depends on their occupation though. There are jobs where people are able to perform solo or with minimum social interaction.

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