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Thumb down!

The long-awaited dislike button on Facebook is coming! After years of sticking to no to dislike button, Facebook has revealed it is working on it. The dislike button might come handy to show sympathy for updates about death of friends, pets, being stolen, failing the exams etc. However I am curious about the usage and acceptance of showing disagreement.

How would a poster react to this button when the updates about politics, religion and faith and offend his/her friends? You know that these are delicate matters to share on social media yet people feel the need to do it. Would this button spark a discussion or abruptly end an online or even offline contact? Time will learn. Meanwhile I will monitor this with huge interest. I wonder whether other social networks would follow suit as soon as the button is there.

Last year I cut ties with a study friend because I was offended by her update. I let her know through the comment which she later on deleted. If the dislike button existed then, I would have used it directly. I believe it is easier and politically more correct to use the dislike button showing your sympathy but would you use this button showing your disagreement? And are you willing to explain why?




19 thoughts on “Thumb down!

  1. For sure I am going to use dislike for disagreement or disturbing (politic) news..
    But I am not sure if I am going to use dislike to show my sympathy to the misfortunes happened to my fb friends – leaving them encouraging and comforting comments would be better I think..

    • Politic view, discriminative content, fanatism, sensational content such as sharing victims of accidenta deserve a dislike button in my opinion.

  2. I have to agree with Mbak Indah’s comment. I, also, am not sure whether I will use dislike button to show my sympathy. But for showing disagreement, of course I will use this button.

  3. I was thinking today that it is a broad interpretation of the 1st Amendment… related to Free Speech … I think it makes sense to add a dislike option (like in YouTube)!.
    Best wishes! Aquileana 😀

    • This is the other side of social media indeed Steph. On the other hand dislike button is needed when you disagree with a status posted without having to comment.

  4. With the recent development on what is going around in FB, this new feature will even be more useful than a few years ago! 😆

  5. Serius, nih om Facebook. Apa alasan mereka untuk meluncurkan itu? Apakah sdh mulai terjadi kejenuhan pada FB sendiri sehingga butuh tombol yg lbh kontraversial *curiga*. Pasti akan diikuti oleh bnyk medsos lain. Sangat menarik untuk dipantau. Semoga nggak pernah saya gunakan sih.

    Paling malas ketika ada postingan politik.

    Padahal arti sejarah thumbs down sebetulnya bisa sgt kasar. Ingat kisah gladiator.

    • Aku rasa ngga kontroversial kok dislike button ini. Emosi orang kan ngga hanya positif. Di YouTube & Reddit komen bisa dilike atau dislike. Aku akan pake dislike button untuk orang yg pasang foto korban kecelakaan, berita SARA (ini menunjukkan ngga suka) & jika ada yang meninggal, kecopetan, musibah (ini tanda simpati).

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