Music Monday

MM: Tu Na Jaane

This Music Monday is a soothing one; Tu Na Jaane (You don’t know). It is from American clarinetist Shankar Tucker featuring Mugdha Hasabnis on vocal.

Below is the lyrics in English

You don’t know, but I am there with you.
You don’t see, that I am that one color.
For you, with you, I am always there near you.
When you put your head on my shoulder, I will steal your sorrow.

Eyes do not know why tears are falling
Only the heart knows why tears fall.
But how do you know, you have started loving my lonely heart.
Then why do you cry when I cry?
You also get hurt when I cry.

If you like this song, explore Tucker’s channel on YouTube. He makes amazing music mixing jazz, classic and traditional Indian style. Excellent!


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