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Bali holiday with the clan

Three weeks after the Porto trip, my familly and I flew to Bali to be with my whole family. The whole clan, siblings with their spouses and kids including my severely ill mother were there. It was a memorable holiday. The itinerary and activities were adjusted to my mother’s condition. She has been stable. Her condition has not been worsened or become better but she was physically able to travel by plane from Jakarta to Bali. My family and I see this as a gift.

So there we were, making memories together as a clan. Here are some pictures  I took.

One day we went to Pandawa Beach, down south.

View Pandawa beach

Pantai Pandawa or Pandawa beach. The name Pandawa comes from Mahabharata epic, the five Pandava brothers.

Letters Pandawa Beach

Along the way down to the beach there are statues of Pandava brothers (Yudisthira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula & Sahadeva).

Statue1 Pandawa beach

Statue2 Pandawa beach

The other day water sport was on the day programme for my daughter G and her cousins, destination Tanjung Benoa.

Donut Benoa

While they were at the sea, I played Kite with these local boys.

Kite Benoa

two kites Benoa

This holiday was extra memorable because I celebrated my 43th birthday with my loved-ones. It was a birthday lunch in Ubud.

Bebek Tepi Sawah

Balinese nasi campur; steamed white rice with side dishes. Delicious!

Nasi campur Bebek tepi sawah

Moi, the birthday girl, born in the early Seventies. The pic was taken by my dear husband.

Ik Bebek tepi sawah

When visiting Bali, my family and I always eat at Jimbaran Bay. There are countless seafood restaurants selling the fresh catch of the day. When you enter the restaurant, you are to choose the seafood (fish, mussels, cockles, shrimps, lobters etc.) first. Then it will be weighed and prepared for you. Jimbaran bay has several beaches. Coming from Kuta or Sanur, the first beach of Jimbaran is Kedonganan. I mostly eat at Ubung Cafe at Muaya beach near Four Seasons resort.

Another reason why we love to eat at Jimbaran is the view around sunset, like this one. Breathtaking!

Sunset Jimbaran

After a week in Bali, I went to Jakarta. However the next post would be about Seminyak restaurant review. Stay tuned!



34 thoughts on “Bali holiday with the clan

  1. Very nice…lovely pics as always. Never been to Pandawa Beach, is it new? By the way, a very belated birthday to you Lo, sorry that I missed it. Sure you had a great time on your birthday😘😍 Bali is always enjoyable dan ga mbosenin ya.

  2. I usually buy the seafood at Kedonganan Market and then bring it to be cooked at several grilled places. Next time may be I should try to enjoying seafood at those bridge because of the bonus: the beautiful sunset 😀

  3. Happy belated birthday, mbak Yoyen 😉 kemarin kepikiran mau meetup tp pas baca blognya kyanya keputusanku tepat untuk postpone sebentar ya.. Takut ngerepotin keluarganya Mbak hehe. Berarti next time harus aku yg ke NL ketemu mbak Yoyen dan teman blogger lain 😛

  4. Pandawa ramai banget ga Mbak? Tahun kemaren waktu aku kesana sudah kayak cendol aja ramenya orang2. Soalnya pantai baru sih ya. Iyaaa, akupun suka Jimbaran. Seminggu sama suami di Bali makan malamnya suka nongkrong di Jimbaran. Foto2nya apikk Mbak.

  5. Je ne suis pas allé à Bali depuis plus de 20 ans. La prochaine fois que je vais à Indonésie, j’ira à Bali. Belle photos..

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