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MM: Love Letters

Right now I am in Bali spending a holiday with my big family. Those who follow me on Instagram @yoyen2008 know this as I have been sharing pics of it since last week. Yesterday husband and I went to the place where we met. It was a down the memory lane visit. 

Then I recalled how it was being in a long distance relationship with him. Receiving his love letters, reading them and replying them. FYI In 1992 – 1995 e-mail was not as common as now, let alone video call like Skype or Facetime. Video call didn’t exist then. A love letter is not just a letter. It had something special about it, the waiting and jotting the right words to describe the feeling.

One of the songs I loved to listen to was Love Letters by British singer Alison Moyet.

It is an oldie. There are many versions of it but Moyet’s rendition sounds the smoothest in my ears. I love it!

I wish to hear more of miss Moyet who was huge in the eighties.


16 thoughts on “MM: Love Letters

    • Enak ya Ri. Dan gw juga suka sama Alison Moyet, suaranya bagus. Kemana ya dia sekarang? Terakhir albumnya keluar tahun 2013.

      Jaman sekarang Alison Moyet itu Adele kali ya?

      • Iya dia sekarang jarang nyanyi/keluarin lagu baru lagi ya… music-nya sendu2 gimana gitu deh i love her😍 Yaks betul sama lah dengan Adele jaman sekarang ya.

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