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Foodie heaven

Last Sunday I went to TREK Food Truck Festival in Nijmegen. I thought I died and went to foodie heaven! The moment I entered the site, I squealed like a child in a candy store. Luckily my dear husband wasn’t embarrassed of me, he knew me so well.

There were so many to see (cute, creative food trucks), hear (a couple of little stages spread on the premise with bands and dj playing cool music) and of course taste (the food and drink). I won’t rattle any further about it. Look at the pics I shot. Beware if you get hungry by looking at the pics, it is at your own risk.

These guys were clever, they divided the truck in two parts. The grill compartment was placed on top op the truck, diverting the smoke for the public. Simple but geniously thought!

Succulent burger from lean rump steak. Delish!

Monsieurs Croquettes for hearty savory snack.

Cone bread with various filling.

Soulfood! The deepfried chicken was to die for.

To those who were thirsty, fresh fruit juices, lemonades and smoothies.

Various artists performed in several stages.

This guy was patiently grilling the hot dogs.

Then I went to his neighbour De Pieper Mobiel buying …

Patatas Bravas (on the right). Spanish deepfried potato cubes served with spicy mayonaise. On the left is Sate (Indonesian skewer)

Gotta taste the sate. Verdict: It was good.

When life gives you lemon, make Disaronno sour. Disaronno is a brand of Almond based liquor called Amaretto.

This friendly bar lady mixed Disaronno sour for me.

And here it is, Amaretto sour!

Then I consumed this Salmon Temaki.

Yam Neua Thai beef spicy salad

Surf ‘n Turf burger

Artisanal frietjes met mayo (Dutch fries with mayonaise).

This eating feast was closed with good ol’ Poffertjes, Dutch mini pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar.

Poffertjes maker in action.

This is how Poffertjes are served traditionally, with a knob of butter and lots of icing sugar. This pic is taken with iPhone unlike the others taken with Nikon DSLR.

After reading this if you think I am a gluton, well I admit I am. All the food I captured above I shared it with my husband and some friends though. It was fun to sample and taste what the food trucks offered.

Cool music, delicious food, exciting sphere, good weather and fine company, what more could I ask? I hope I can visit it again next year.


53 thoughts on “Foodie heaven

  1. Wow, Mbak aku baca ini cepet2an ga sabar pengen langsung lihat foto-foto makanannya haha. Untung sudah buka puasa. Kalau belum pasti kukuruyuk lihat hasil foto Mbak Yo yang bagus menggugah selera.
    Trucknya keren2 ya Desainnya. Ini acara tahunan ya Mbak? Ah jadi pengen lihat juga tahun depan *suka latah Mbak kalo ada acara yang banyak makanannya πŸ˜€

    • Betul. Gw ngobrol dengan beberapa owner food truck dan mereka bilang mereka juga ke Antwerpen, ke food festival yang waktu itu loe pos juga. Dan, no surprise, mereka bilang di Antwerpen lebih rame lagi dan pengunjungnya lebih adventurous, yah Belgia gitu loh dibanding Belanda, soal makanan sih Belgia menang πŸ™‚

  2. Cara penyajian poffertjes-nya lucuuu dikasih bendera belanda juga. Di Bandung juga ada tren festival makanan gni mb. Bbrpa pk truck, tp mostly msh konsep stand.

  3. Mall- mall di BSD juga lagi trend food truck tapi saya blom pernah coba. Dulu pernah coba food fair model stand- stand gitu di summarecon mall serpong harganya agak overpriced dan rasanya biasa saja.

    • Disini yang istimewa karena ini summer jadi diluar dengan food truck bukan di mall. Jarang ada mall besar di Belanda, ngga seperti di Indonesia.

  4. Omg! Itu sate sangat sangat bikin ngiler!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    Aaah it’s so summery scene too, jadi pengen summer lagi dweh! Great shotsπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜˜

  5. Aaah ini betul-betul surganya pecinta makanan! Semua kelihatan enak-enak banget, saya jadi lapar banget Mbak. Semua yang disediakan di sana itu favorit-favorit :hihi, enyak-enyak ya Mbak, burger sosis kentang dan kue-kue, serta minuman-minuman segar yang malah membuat makin lapar (dan itu makin baik :haha).

    Dan ternyata poffertjes yang asli itu seperti demikian ya, Mbak. Ada bubuk gulanya banyak ditabur :hehe. Jadi penasaran, rasanya beda tidak ya dengan poffertjes yang dijual di Pasar Baru :haha.

    Benar-benar pengalaman makan yang sangat menyenangkan!

    • Ah maaf Gara jadi laper lihat pos ini. Iya, Poffertjes aslinya kecil dan kempes ngga seperti yang dijual di Indonesia yang lebih seperti bantal, gendut-gendut gitu. Dan betul gulanya banyak bener.

      • Iya, di sini gendut-gendut Mbak, sudah begitu banyakan tepungnya :haha. Sip deh kalau begitu :hehe.

  6. Reblogged this on Lo Foodie and commented:
    Hallo semua,

    Pos ini cerita tentang kunjungan saya ke Trek Food Truck Festival di kota Nijmegen hari Minggu lalu. Foodie heaven dimuat di journal saya, Chez Lorraine dalam bahasa Inggris.

    Selamat menikmati foto-foto dan cerita pendek tentang Food truck festival yang rame dan mengesankan untuk saya.

  7. This is also my cup-of-tea, my forte totally. Foodie heaven, unfortunately over here is not that popular yet but I will start looking and searching:):):)
    Sate would be my first go to truck and the Poffertjes.
    Thanks for posting!

    • O really? I thought you are nearby the USA where the trend started, you’d easily find one there. Just try everything Garile, indulge yourself πŸ™‚

  8. Huaaa lekker! gue nyesel selama hamil ini ga icip2 pas ada (annual) events kayak gini…banyak ya skrg? di amsterdam ada rollende keukens di westegasfabriek, trus sekarang ini πŸ™‚ pengen kesono tp takut kena food poisoning karena udah 2x kena selama hamil ini gara2 jajan diluar (tumben perut guwe sensian)…OOT – oiya skrg di vondelpark ada food trucks macem2 lho mbak!

    • Waduh udah 2 kali food poisoning? Ya wajar kalo jadi ati-ati sekarang. Iya, gw tahu Rollende keuken ada di Westergasfabriek ya Pie. Food festival ini juga akan ke Westergasfabriek September nanti, jadi loe bisa deh cicip-cicip. Ada mobile barista juga. Hebring lah gw rakus kalo ke event begini, mau cobain semua ha…ha…

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