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MM: Where is the love?

Some events can seize my attention so deep they get into my guts. Last Friday I had this feeling; one decapitation in France, the shooting in Tunisia and Kuwait. Those three are an accumulation of such events this year. To name a few: Charlie hebdo shooting in Paris France January, three muslim students shooting in North Carolina, USA February and most recently the shooting in the church in Charleston USA. Last Friday I was gutted by so many killings on one single day I started to wonder: Where is the love? I know some of you would think: the killings happen everyday as there are wars in the world, why bother? I do because of the underlying tone; people end other people’s life just like that. For what?

Hence this song for this Music Monday with meaningful lyrics from the Black eyed peas.

What’s wrong with the world mama?


11 thoughts on “MM: Where is the love?

    • Iya bener. Dan setuju juga dengan reaksi orang yang ribet tentang keputusan Supreme Court. Mau tulis tentang itu tapi lebih baik simpen energi untuk hal lain deh.

  1. Huaaa, lagu “jadul” ini, hehehehe 😀

    Anyway. Begitulah, entah kenapa akhir-akhir ini kok banyak kejadian seperti itu ya 😦 .

    • Atau mungkin dulu juga gitu hanya liputannya ngga live. Sekarang karena internet semuanya bisa kita ikuti realtime. Ndredeg banget deh.

      • Last night at the dinner table, we were talking about music and Michael Jackson came up. Then we looked at MJ on youtube and listened to ‘Heal the World’ which has a very powerful meaning for the people out there as well as ‘Where is the Love’.

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