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The Roaring Twenties

The decade in 1920es was called the roaring twenties because so many changes occurred then. Women were liberated from wearing corsette and started to wear loose dresses (thank you Coco Chanel!). They wore the hair in bob style. The First World War was over. Art deco movement commenced. 

Recently with the remake of Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the roaring twenties has come to life gloriously. I associate this compelling period with this Gatsby, Charleston style, Al Capone (tip: watch the gangster movie Untouchables starring Kevin Costner) and the ultimate twenties’ song ‘Sing hallelujah c’mon get happy‘.

This infographic below shows you what happened then in the USA.

The Events of The Roaring 1920


9 thoughts on “The Roaring Twenties

  1. LOL ,this post comes when i just start reading The Great Gatsby and yesterday my husband “force” me to watch Scarface and Once Upon a Time in America XD. So much 20’s in my week X)

    • Yes, the twenties offer great music, fashion and art. Aku pingin nonton Downtown Abbey tapi ngga punya waktu for yet another addicting series 🙂

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