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Meep meep!

Besides Disney cartoons, I love to watch Looney Tunes cartoons as well. One of my favourites Looney Tunes cartoons is Road Runner Coyote. This is an old one, vintage almost. The first episode was aired in 1949, it was called Fast and Furry-ous. It was just a couple of years ago when I found out that according to Looney Tunes’ site Road Runner actually says Meep Meep instead of Beep Beep.

Firstly I would like to introduce Road Runner and Coyote to those who don’t know them.

Road Runner aka Acceleratii incredibus
Road Runner

Wile E. Coyote aka Carnivorous vulgaris

I find this cartoon amazing because it has no dialogue at all yet viewers understand it easily. Now, about the story. It is so simple and crystal clear. Coyote wants to catch Road Runner to eat it. He does everything in his power to do this. Coyote has thoughtfull strategies which involve a couple of heavy gears sometimes. However he always fails. Road Runner runs so fast, he gets away with it easily.

Nevertheless, I admire Coyote for his perseverance. Despite countless unsuccessful attempts, he untiringly tries again and again. I know, when one is hungry one is capable of doing so many things. So is he.

So enjoy this episode below. Meep meep!



12 thoughts on “Meep meep!

  1. This series is so funny, Mbak. On every attempt on every episode, the coyote must fall from the cliff, that way the episode is ended. If he still not fall from the cliff yet, it’s still not the end of the episode, too.
    I’m curious if there is any episode shows that the coyote finally could catch the bird :hehe.

  2. This reminds me of my time from elementary school. I watched this Road Runner vs Wild E. Coyote series A LOT!! 😀

  3. classic old cartoon is so great, their simple story always bring a crunchy laugh!!! if you watch nowadays cartoon mbak, you’ll be amaze of how overly complicated they are. XD

    • Oh I know Azmi. I am still following modern cartoons. The stories and characters are complicated but they are good as well. I love them too. As long as they are funny, I watch them, classic or modern 😉

  4. Gak terlalu inget buat road runner dan Wile E Coyote ini, dulu lebih sering nonton yang bugs bunny. Tapi setelah nonton video di atas lucu juga ternyata. Hahaha.

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