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To spoil or not to spoil?

Once upon a time people saw their favourite TV-shows on TV and the social media networks didn’t exist. At the time unfolding shocking season’s finale kept people buzzing for weeks even months. I remember when I was a child back in 1980, Dallas was one of most favourite TV-shows. One of the villains, JR Ewing was shot. My aunts and my mum were buzzing with the question ‘Who killed JR” for weeks before they got the episode on tape. They didn’t have access to information about the finale, even weeks after it was aired.

How different it is nowadays. Today there are teasers, revealing bit by bit what is going to happen. Die hard fans are capable of unravelling the hints. When the last episode is airing, fans are sharing the story realtime. The event, especially when it is shocking linger on the following days, accompanied by fans’ analyses and reactions.


For example my daughter G sensed something was going on with Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy before the episode where he died was aired. So G was aware and prepared about this.

It is inevitable to see spoilers of your favourite TV – shows emerging online before, during and days after the episode is/has been aired. And for this matter, setting Spoiler alerts won’t do it anymore simply because the spoiler is EVERYWHERE.

So last Monday morning I went online and I sawΒ  on Facebook, Twitter and news sites that Jon Snow was killed. Snow is one of the main characters of HBO’s blockbuster TV-show, Game of Thrones (GoT) see pic below. This spoiler was all over the social media networks I was on. I am an avid GoT fan but I didn’t mind it at all knowing that in the show and the book as well that characters die. However I didn’t dig the spoiler further on. Monday evening I watched it myself and yes indeed, Jon Snow died.

There are people who dislike or even hate spoilers. In my opinion the only way to avoid it is to stay away from social media and internet. I saw some people who went livid on some online forum because one commenter wrote extensively about an important event of GoT season 3, Red Wedding. Mind you last week-end was the finale of season 5! Those who dislike spoilers insisted that the commenter should have written Spoiler alert before sharing it, but darling that is impossible to do because it is everywhere.

Then I started to think, what is the span of time to call a storyline a spoiler? One season max. And who defines whether you might share it? No one.

So there you go, as you can see, I don’t mind spoiler. Do you?


Lorraine who knows nothing just like Jon Snow.


31 thoughts on “To spoil or not to spoil?

  1. “In my opinion the only way to avoid it is to stay away from social media and internet”

    Indeed, once I accidentally saw some spoilers on Facebook too. But what could I do. Spoilers are one of those things that cannot be unseen, lol πŸ˜†

  2. Not to spoil please, just keep it for yourself. I also avoid googling on the TV shows reviews that I watch πŸ˜€ Currently I still have to finish TV series Fortitude, but thankfully my FB friends usually not watching European TV shows πŸ™‚ I am in a social media safe zone for this matter πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Ok, when you are sure that is No spoiler free timeline than you are safe Indah.

      But this applies only for less well-known TV-shows I believe πŸ™‚

  3. I tend to avoid spoiler Mbak Yo when doing review. Unless the review is not complete without one. Like my Gone Girl Review. But I reviewed it way long after it released. Hehe.
    I like to read some spoilers about Tv series or movies. But not every series or movies please.

  4. I don’t avoid spoiler. I have my favorite Turkish tv series : “Magnificent Century”. Even i tried to search for other episodes in youtube πŸ˜€

  5. I don’t really mind spoiler, Mbak Yo. Sometimes spoiler in a movie review makes me curious even more to watch that movie haha. And spoiler won’t make me lose the excitement to watch a movie that I want really to watch. 😊

    • Sama dong kita Icha. Aku hanya lihat major spoiler aja, ngga nyari sih, kalo kebetulan lihat di TL ngga ribet. Santai aja. At the end the experience when I watch it myself is different.

  6. Kadang aku mau spoiler, kadang enggak. Tapi kalo terlanjur basah baca spoiler, pura-pura nggak tau aja. Atau malah makin penasaran, pengen liat kebenaran spoiler itu pake mata sendiri…

  7. I didn’t mind it either, because it won’t lessen the ambience when I watch it later hehe
    But yeah, some people mind it anyway, so when I try to write something about movies or books, I think I need to be so careful not to spoil. But in the end, I’d rather put the “Spoiler Alert” on the title because it’s hard not to spoil! haha

  8. I don’t mind spoilers in TV Series, but I’m really disturbed by spoilers in a competition show like Masterchef or Next Top Model. Because where’s the fun when you already know who won right?

  9. Ya kalau udah terlanjur basah ngeliat mah mau diapain lagi mba, pasrah aku mah.. Ahahaha. Tapi kl bisa milih buat ngindarin sih lebih seru πŸ™‚

  10. I don’t think it’s a spoiler when it’s on the book – people who watch the film without reading the book are treading thin ice on their own risks – or maybe I just love being a smug book reader πŸ˜‰

    • Yup, agree with you. I have a friend who was so shocked by the Red Wedding, he decided to quit watching the show. Dude, it is on the book!

  11. I still want to watch a show or read a book even though I read somewhere about the story till the end or even watch a spoiler part. πŸ˜€

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