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The stars in Tamil Nadu

I have been wanting to share this video here for quite a while. Here it is. It is a scene from the serial Kasalavu Nesam.

The woman sings twinkle twinkle little star in 4 different Indian region styles. I only understand nr 3 is from Kerala and nr 4 is from Punjab. I have watched this video countless times since I found this on the net approximately two years ago.

The lady, Revathy Sankaran is so talented. From the info available online in English, I read that she is an accomplished actress, singer and many more.

I don’t understand Tamil Nadu language spoken in this serial but I can tell the style differences. My favorite version is the last one, Punjabi style. My second favorite is version number two which I can’t catch the name of. I love love the dance too. Some moves remind me of Balinese dance.

Watch twinkle twinkle little star goes Bollywood and enjoy!

19 thoughts on “The stars in Tamil Nadu

  1. So hilarious! The part from 01:52 made me think of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” though, somehow, hahaha πŸ˜†

  2. it’s such an interesting, funny and indeed hilarious mbak. can’t watch it just for one time :-). thank you mbak yoyen…….

        • Ha…ha…hiburan di kantor hari Jumat yah. Dari empat versi ini kamu suka yang nomor berapa? Nomor 2 aku suka lagunya, bagus. Nomor 4 aku suka enak bisa ikut joged gaya Punjabi ha….ha…

        • Aku paling suka yang pertama sama yang terakhir karena khas gaya India πŸ˜€ dan aku baru tau joged itu gaya Punjabi haha…

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