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Why storytelling?

I have been interested in neuroscience since a Master student executed a research at my work two years ago. And storytelling has attracted me too, it has been a hot item in Marketing world these past years. In relation to neuroscience this following infographic about storytelling is excellent. It succeeds in showing how brains react to storytelling in brief.

Ok, let’s forget neuroscience. For bloggers this infographic basically shows how you could tell your story, persuade, engage and keep your readers to establish and maintain a community. For non bloggers or bloggers who do not strive for community building, this is a nice to know knowledge. At least if you are interested in how the brains work. I am.

Storytelling The Most Effective Way to Engage and Persuade People #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan


10 thoughts on “Why storytelling?

  1. A very interesting knowledge Mbak Yo. Itulah kenapa tulisan yang bisa membuat orang bisa relate lebih rame. , 😀
    Makasih Mbak Yo.

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