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100th anniversary of a bottle

It is not just a bottle but an iconic one; The Coca-cola bottle is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Look how it has transformed in a century.  

The bottle has come a long way as shown in its history. One thing I can’t forget when my father told me that its contour took Mae West, a famous sexy actress in 1920es – 30es as a model. 

Two years ago my daughter G bought this serie of Coca-cola bottles designed by Marc Jacobs. 

This week I purchased 7 of the 10 Coca-cola bottles issued to celebrate this milestone. Each bottle represents a decade with their advertising campaign on it. I didn’t buy the 10es, 40es and 60es as I was not really attracted to them. My faves are the 50es and 70es. The 80es brings back memories of my youth, breakdancing in electric colours.

I bought the bottles with Coca-cola drink in it, in Germany hence the German text on them. These celebratory bottles are not available in The Netherlands. Perhaps they will later on this year.

If you haven’t gotten enough of this bottle, take a look at these 50 cool amazing variations.
Although I seldom drink it, I love the design, the retro font and how the brand positions itself. I don’t think I would drink the cola as I prefer to keep all the bottles sealed. They are for my collection. 

Are the bottles available in your place? And which one is your favourite?


36 thoughts on “100th anniversary of a bottle

  1. Aah.. pingiiiiin.. Hiks Di sini kayaknya sama juga ga dijual deh mba. Tapi liat di website ebaynya Swedia ada yang jual seharga 36€ hiks.. emang semahal itukah? Padahal naksir banget desainnya…

    • Waduh mahal banget Be! Ini aku beli satu botol hanya 50 sen euro, makanya borong. Kalo yang designer line itu 3 botol hanya 5 euro. Murah kan?

  2. Good marketing. Instead of drink it, people just want to collect those bottles. Desainnya keren, tapi diliat-liat mirip botol bir πŸ˜€

    • Nah itulah Shin. Material botolnya ini seperti material can, seng gitu tapi rada tebelan dikit. Sepertnya rentan tergaret-garet deh.

    • Kalo ada di Indonesia seru nih Ji. Aku aja bingung kok yang edisi 100 tahun ini ngga ada di Belanda padahal kalo yang designer line itu selalu ada di Belanda.

  3. mbak.. ini lucu banget. mba itu botolnya diprint di plastik trus di-lapisin kan? botolnya PET atau kaca? collector edition ini ya.

  4. Lo, I have the 1957 and 2005 collection, the 1957 one I got it from my parents in law shedπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ and the 2005 I bought in US. I like the Marc Jacob collection though! Unfortunately in Perth blom ada kayaknya si MJ itu hiksssss…. I collect bottles any kind of it😍😍

    • Marc Jacobs fall tahun 2013. Waktu kapan gw telat ngga sempet beli yang Karl Lagerfeld. Keren memang ini.

      Sekarang di Belanda udah keluar Eco Coca-cola yang warna labelnya hijau.

  5. Baru tau klo udh 100thn. Keren2 deh botolnya, nanti aku cek ah di toko. 20thn lagi bisa jd collector’s item tuh. Mbak Yo pasti enjoy deh ke museumnya yg di Atlanta.

  6. Di sini ada tidak, ya? Kalaupun ada kayaknya tidak dijual bebas :hehe.
    Bagus banget buat dikoleksi! Semua terlihat sangat unik, Mbak :)).

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