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How to spot an instagram junkie

Last year I discovered in a funny way that I was indeed an Instagram junkie. One day I called my pharmacy for an appointment to pick up my medicine. Verifying my physician’s recipe the pharmacist asked me the name of my medicine. I replied “Instagram”. She then repeated the question again which I once more firmly answered “Instagram”. After that she bursted into laughing and asked me “Weet u het zeker mevrouw?” “Are you sure maam?”. At that moment I realized my answer, I was LOL’ing along with her. Since then I have concluded that I indeed have been an Instagram junkie.

Hereby I declare I am addicted to Instagram. Starting from today, I put my Instagram feed here on the blog. It is on the lower right side. To mobile viewers, it is under all posts. If you are curious about how I capture food, my surroundings in squares, take a peek at @yoyen2008. Eventually I share a selfie, an #ootd, a quote or even a short vid. On Instagram I love the interaction and the vibe. However I dislike spammers (accounts offering to gain more followers or online shops). Oh and I seldomly participate in challenges as I know myself very well, I would do them religiously. To avoid that (lack of time and not wanting the pressure) I promised myself not to follow such challenges.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This infographic below is so spot on! I recognize myself in it. To objection of my family, friends or whoever is with me on a go, that I somewhat slow them down because I am busy taking pictures either with my iPhone, my DSLR Nikon or both.

How about you? Are you also addicted to Instagram?

Source: via Accen1986r on Space Elephant

43 thoughts on “How to spot an instagram junkie

  1. Yes i am ๐Ÿ˜„ buat nyari-nyari resep masakan, ide mau masak apa, share masakan, ataupun share tempat2 yang dikunjungi. Aku suka IG karena bisa lihat foto2 kece ๐Ÿ˜

    • Sama Den, simple appnya. Tapi aku lebih suka lihat akun yang fotonya kebanyakan dibuat pake smartphone ya, bukannya pake DSLR. Rasanya seperti cheating kalo isi IG hanya foto pake DSLR.

      • Maksudnya kalo aku komen di IG mba yo, sebrapapun yg komen or love ur photo aku ga kena imbas notifnya kecuali aku dicolek/di tag *duh ribet ya penjelasanku*

        Klo fb n path kan dapet notif terus2an padahal kita cm komen 1 kali di postingan seseorang itu

  2. Me me meeeeee! Aku nggak punya path mbak, udah aku uninstall.. twitter kebanyakan utk liat link dr portal berita. Selebihnya hidupku kuberikan pd IG lol.. habis mau cari resep, make up, pemandangan mata seger2 (panorama), kepo *loh.. komplit๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I am one of them also….:) Love to browse for vacation destinations and good food, Kadang2 sedikit kepo juga sih:):)

    • Ha…ha.. iya Yang, ngotot pula nyebutnya. Bersyukurlah bisa menahan godaan ngga punya Instagram account, ngga ketinggalan atuh.

    • I share 2 to 3 pics daily Ko. According to my daughter I am not to bug my followers by sharing loads of pics on daily basis. Ngga boleh sama anak ha..ha..

  4. Double toss dulu sm mb Yo.. hahaha.. addicted ya mbak. Aq suka takjub kok pada jago2 foto sih termasuk mb. Yo juga.. capturing momentnya, setting backgroundnya, ambil anglenya, editingnya.. though aq lebih suka liat yg natural drpd yg banyak editan … i prefer yg clear efek2 background ngeblur2 sm natural lighting..
    I also dislike spammers (accounts offering to gain more followers or online shops)..
    Dan aq plg ga bisa selfie… maklum mukanya segede frame sendiri… ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Iya Shin, aku di jalan lihat sesuatu suka aja motret, bukan orang ya tapi surroundings, misalnya orang itu juga street scene. Kadang dibelain lagi diatas sepeda sampe berhenti karena lihat sesuatu yang bagus ha…ha..Iya, aku paling pake filter yang item putih, selebihnya no filter. Diedit juga hanya terangin cahayanya, that’s it.

      Ha..ha..selfie aku jarang banget, sering diledekin G soalnya.

  5. I love instagram too, Mbak Yo. Aku paling suka stalking akun2 football, fashion, food, and photography related. Socmed yg aku aktif skrg ini cuma IG dan twitter, twitter pun udah jarang hihi ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Aku suka Instagram tapi kayaknya gak termasuk junkie.., sehari-harinya jarang pasang foto, cuma pas lagi traveling aja jadi agak rajin..
    Jadi pil Instagram tuh obat apaan ?๐Ÿ˜„

  7. Aku dulu termasuk instagram junkie. Ikut2 komunitas, ikut photowalk sampe keluar kota bareng-bareng.. liat bunga nganggur dipoto, liat awan cakep dipoto, liat burung nangkring dipoto, laut sagala sisi samping atas bawah dipotoin hahaha. Semua instagramku isinya photo2 landscape warna-warni gitu.. kalau lagi diem kerjaannya ngedit foto di iphone. Aaahh masa-masa itu indah banget deh. Sampe sekarang udah jadi tempat jualan, jadi males dan ga kesentuh sama sekali instagramku.
    Kepikiran mau bikin instagram untuk daily life aja.. soalnya yg account lama streamnya udah cantik banget, aaalll landscapes. Sayang kalau dikotorin hihi.

    • Aku punya account IG waktu baru muncul tapi seneng/rajin sharing sejak 2 tahun lalu. Karena itu juga lebih sering motret yang bagus ditengah jalanpun๐Ÿ™‚

  8. AKuuuu… aku…. IG junkie hahaha๐Ÿ™‚ satu2nya socmed yang aku pelototin tiap hari kalau ada waktu. Entah buat liat foto2 bagus sampai kepo2 tak jelas๐Ÿ™‚. Untungnya aku bisa ngeles buat urusan kerjaan mba hihi, padahal yang untuk kerjaan cuman 15 menit, selebihnya untuk seneng2.

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