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2 weeks

Yesterday I came back to The Netherlands after spending 2 weeks in Indonesia. It was a family visit with the same reason as that one in July 2013. This time it is my mother who is severely ill.

My mother and I July last year when she visited me in The Netherlands.

Mid February I received bad news that her condition had worsened. Her cancer became metastatic, it had spread from her stomach to her lungs. I felt hopeless when I heard that. Hopeless because I could not immediately be with her. On 26 March I flew to Jakarta, alone. Husband and daughter followed a week later on Good Friday. 

The first week of my stay in Jakarta, my mother was admitted to the hospital. My sisters and I took care of her. We have been reliving the very same situation exactly just like it was with our late sister, Nana. We know which stage would come and how we would react. That is why I chose to share this now, not in Spring last year when it came out my mother had it. It felt so raw then and still does now actually. 

Another reason I kept it private because I shared more than enough stories of my late sister’s battle against breast cancer. I decided not to bug my readers with a chain of similar posts about my mother’s illness. And honestly I would rather keep it private.

However here I am, still suffering from jet lag and yet I am writing this and share it here, on my online journal. This moment is part of my life as well as it influences me as a person. I believe in life there are good and bad moments. These past two weeks were good ones for me. I was there for my mother and my sisters. I met my family and I took care of my mother. I held countless deep conversations about family values with my sisters. We talked about our roots and what bound us. It felt good to be able to share the care tasks despite the short stay.

All my family and I can do is pray for her. If you want to take her in your prayer, I would be more than grateful. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Those to whom I have promised to meet in person when I would be in Jakarta, my sincere apology for not being able to do that. My days were filled with care tasks. I only saw family members and friends who brought my mother a visit in the hospital and at home.

115 thoughts on “2 weeks

  1. Mbak Yo. So sorry to hear the news. Is she better now? We were wondering what happen to you Mbak. So sorry, we didn’t know.
    Hope the best for her and you and all families.

  2. Ikut sedih mendengar beritanya mbak Yo..semoga keadaan ibu membaik mbak.
    Mbak Yo dan keluarga yang kuat ya mbak….

  3. Mbak Yo, semoga kuat ya… God won’t give you any trespassing beyond your abilities. Speaking of which, your mother is so beautiful!

  4. I am so sorry to hear the news about your mother, and I understand why you keep it a private
    Mendoakan agar ibu tabah dan tetap semangat
    She is beautiful and looked so young.

  5. So sorry to hear the news, Mbak. Semoga diberikan yang terbaik ya Mbak, semoga Ibu keluarga juga kuat dan tabah dengan semua ini :)).
    Btw, your mother is very beautiful.

  6. Mbak Yo, my prayers to your family. Yang kuat ya Mbak, can’t imagine how hard it is… aku di sini kalo si Mami tiba2 telpon gak ngabari dulu, langsung sakit perut, soalnya takut ada apa2 gt. Apalagi kita jauh dr rumah 😦

  7. Mbak Yoyen, Insya Allah kusertakan dalam doa untuk Mama Mbak Yo, semoga diberikan kekuatan dan diberikan yang terbaik, juga untuk seluruh keluarga semoga diberikan kesabaran dan kekuatan untuk selalu mendampingi

  8. I wish you lots of strength Lorraine. I have gone through similar situations twice. And you need all the support and help you can get, especially as it such a long way to Jakarta. Keep the faith.

    • Thank you Robert. For me this is the third time dealing with similar situation. One of disadvantages of living far from the family.

  9. First of all, I want to say that your Mom very beautiful, Mbak Yo. Terlihat anggun. 🙂

    Second, I take your Mom to my prayers while I am writing this comment. Hugs!

  10. I really hope your Mom will recovery soon, Mbak Yo, stay strong 🙂 And you just remind me that in life, indeed, there always be good moments and contrary. We should be ready for both of them.

  11. 😦 . sorry to hear that mbak. Mudah mudahan kita bisa ketemu kalau aku sedang ke Eropa. Doain aja supaya kalau ada rejeki aku bisa mampir ke Belanda. Pengennya sih ke Spanyol karena juga ada teman disana.

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  14. Mba Yo, Py berdoa kekuatan serta penghiburan boleh jadi bagian ditengah2 keluarga. Berharap untuk semua yg terbaik buat Mama mba Yo beserta seluruh keluarga. Amin.

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  16. Hugs for you and family and will keep you in my prayers. Beautiful picture! I can see where you inherited your beautiful face from!!!

  17. smoga mama mba yo diangkat penyakitnya dan diberikan kesembuhan tanpa meninggalkan penyakit lain lagi. Aamiin. Keluarga mba yo juga semoga kuat mendampingi proses penyembuhannya ya

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