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MM: Peacock dance

This week’s Music Monday is the lead song of the Peacock dance, tari Merak. It comes from Sunda region, West Java. Attention: there is also another version of Tari Merak and ditto lead song from Central Java. 

This song is played with gamelan. My favourite part is that of kecapi, a string instrument which looks like Indian sitar. 

I used to perform this gracious dance, depicting Peacock’s beautiful movements. The original costume is in green, blue or purple, the colours of peacock’s feathers. Mostly after the show I would linger around with the audience. People would love to touch the wings and young girls asked to take picture of me.

And that is what I have been missing, performing and the proud feeling of presenting my culture. 

Enjoy tari Merak and have a good week!


Feature image is from Eng Wikipedia

4 thoughts on “MM: Peacock dance

  1. Keren mbak Yo. Dulu jaman kecil saya paling seneng lihat tari merak di TVRI. Sampe minta dibeliin kertas hiasan kepala meraknya. Hihihi. Kagum saya yang ditampilkan hari ini musik tari merak! 🙂

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