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MM: Rio

Last week many teen girls’ heart was broken because Zayn Malik left One Direction. Then my daughter told me, once in our life as a girl we must have (had) one favourite boyband. Hereby I present you mine; Duran Duran. This band was revolutionary in the 80’es. Not only they were pioneer in New Romantic style with their characteristic sound but their stylish appearance made them an eye candy for their fans, including yours truly.

But wait, Duran Duran was not a boyband actually because the boys didn’t dance. And most importantly Nick, John, Simon, Andy and Roger did the writing and arranging the songs themselves. They played their instrument. The current boybands don’t always do that.

Here is one of their hits in the 80es, Rio.

 The series which this video clip was part of, were a hit at MTV which just started mid 80es. Duran Duran was one of the first bands which introduced the video clip with a storyline in it. Music video of Rio, Hungry like the wolf, Save a prayer were shot in exotic locations; Srilanka and Antigua. 

Well, before I rant any further as a teen girl I was about my favourite band, I just let you enjoy Rio. This single is also the album’s title. 

To Directioners out there who are still mourning about Zayn leaving the band; the other four boys will survive. Andy Taylor left Duran Duran and the rest of the band is still making music right now. They are in their 50es and I am in my 40es but I am still proud to say: I am a Duranie and I sing along:

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand

Just like that river twisting through a dusty land

And when she shines she really shows you all she can

Oh Rio Rio dance across the Rio Grande

29 thoughts on “MM: Rio

    • Ada sih RnB boybands: Jackson Five, New Edition, Boyz to Men tahun 80an & mulai NKOTB & Backstreet Boys tahun 90an mulai jadi syarat, boyband harus bisa dance on stage.

  1. Mbak Yooo, aku juga suka Duran-Duran. Suka sebatas seneng denger tapi gak nyari-nyari, ya hihi. Ya aku kenalnya pas jamanku karena mulai booming MTV dan mulai dari Ordinary World, tapi favouritku Come Undone Mbak. Lagu lainnya aku gak familiar, termasuk si Rio ini mbak

    • Itu udah tahun 90an Ndang, MTV mulai booming di Indonesia. Pertengahan 80an Duran Duran salah satu band pioneernya untuk ngisi program MTV yang baru muncul di USA.

  2. boyband jaman aku tahun 90 an ya Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, ultra duuh suka dah ma mereka.
    duran duran aku juga suka tp cm beberapa lagu yg hitz aja.

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  4. MY FAVORITE SONG FROM DURAN DURAN!!!! Mbak Yoyen, mereka mo manggung di Night At The Park 2015 loh… venuenya di Den Haag…

    • Aku juga Crystal. Semua lagu dari album Rio aku suka dan dari album Seven and the ragged tiger juga. Ah, jaman masih jadi Duranie fanatik ha…ha…

      Iya, aku tahu DD perform di Parkpop Den Haag Juni nanti tapi aku ngga bisa dateng, ada acara :-(. Untungnya pernah lihat mereka live, and Simon can sing well live. Enjoy ya dan nanti pastinya ditunggu laporannya.

      • Aku udah beli tiketnya mbak. Huaaaa akhirnya kesampaian juga nonton konser band idola sejak SMP… Biarin deh walaupun nanti pasti banyak ibu2 bapak2 yg nonton yg penting aku bisa lihat mereka live!!!

  5. John T and Simon L were the ones I had crushes on. Thanks to the satellite radio now, they play a lot of Duran2’s song on the 80s channel. Paling sering diputer di Prambors dulu ya Yen!!

    • Ah Prambors Rasisonia. Jaman masih kiplik suka banget ini Garile. Antara sedih juga sih karena BFF gw waktu SMP yang juga Duranie 10 tahun lalu meninggal dan kalo denger lagunya DD inget dia.

      I had a crush on Nick Rhodes despite his feminine look. He was/is so cool and androgynous. All DD boys turned to be distinguished stylish men. Love them all.

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