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Going RAW

I have been taking pictures manually since 2009. Two years later I have started to take pictures in RAW and I have sticked to this photo file form in my camera. I compare RAW file with pictures from Analog camera. The pictures keep the original settings and all image data recorded by the camera sensor. Shooting in jpeg the camera automatically processes the image data in advance as you can see in the infographic below. It says the camera compresses all the image data in jpeg and tiff format.

Why should you go RAW?

It is easier to edit (photoshop) RAW file than jpeg file. RAW allows you to correct everything you want. What I always do is correcting the brightness, adjusting the colour, white balance and warmth. According to my experience a little adjustment is sufficient. The main advantage of shooting in RAW is it keeps its own settings after editing unlike jpeg. Every time you open a jpeg file, edit it and save it, it loses its quality. That is why the re-edited jpeg sometimes gets blurry. Images shot in RAW file are from high quality. That is why I have been shooting in RAW for four years now.

Nowadays even pocket cameras have an option to shoot in RAW.

So photography enthusiasts, would you go for RAW?


21 thoughts on “Going RAW

  1. What do you use to process the RAW format Mbak? I am still looking for it. RAW is the best actually but since I don’t have the tools to process it, I am using jpg instead.

  2. Ooh, jadi ini alasannya kenapa temanku menyimpan file foto dalam format RAW. Makasih banyak atas infonya, Mbak Yo 🙂

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