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EF: Black ensemble

BEC challenge for this week is quite interesting. Share your outfit of the day or better known abbreviated as ootd and the story behind it.

I love fashion  but I don’t always follow the latest fashion trends. Most people describe my style as feminine and demure, I would put my fashion style as casual chique, eclectic and definitely not sportive and not preppy cute.

Each morning when I get dressed I need to reckon with the following; the weather, appointments and my mood. As I bike to work daily my outfit ought to be comfortable and weather appropriate. If it would rain, I would wear pants instead of a dress or a skirt. For me who prefer to wear a dress or skirt, hosiery is important. At 5 degree Celsius below zero I’d choose to wear a thick and opaque tight. In the spring it could be quite chilly too with windy 15 – 18 degree Celsius. Then I’d choose to wear sheer stockings. 

For this challenge I asked my colleague to take these pictures of mine last Tuesday. That day it was sunny but chilly. I wore this casual black ensemble because I didn’t have appointments. I was a bit lazy that morning because I chose the easiest way by quickly gathering all black items together. 

The transition from winter to spring can be quite tricky. That morning the temperature was only 2 degree Celsius. On my bike I needed to wear thick gloves. During lunch break when these pictures were taken, the temperature climbed up to comfy sunny 14 degree Celsius. 

It is always quite challenging to choose your ootd for such transitional weather condition. Living in a country with 4 seasons I have to deal with this matter almost every time.

And now, following how the real fashion bloggers do it, here are the description of my black ensemble.

  • tight pants Zara Woman
  • leather biker jacket Massimo Dutti
  • cashmere pashmina shawl Vanilia
  • black shirt (barely seen) King Louie
  • black cardigan (barely seen) Diesel
  • Light brown leather belt Massimo Dutti
  • Chelsea boots Botticelli
  • Light brown leather saddle bag was bought at Mirota store in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Here is a closer look of my black ensemble ootd. When my colleague took these pics, we were giggling like kids. Bedankt P! 


Speaking of the weather in relation to ootd, last week I wore this because  it was sunny. That day started with 5 degree Celsius in the morning and I was in the mood for light colours. Finally spring has come! Don’t be fooled by this outfit as I wore 4 layers. 


  • ο»ΏGabardine trench coat Zara Woman
  • Shift dress Filippa K
  • Old rose pink wrap around wool cardigan Armani Jeans
  • Cobalt blue 60 denier tights H&M
  • Lace beige high heeled pumps Dr. Adams
  • Light brown leather saddle bag bought at Mirota store, Yogyakarta

Underneath the trench coat I wore a wrapped around wool cardigan, a shift dress and a tight undershirt. The cobalt blue opaque tights were thick enough to keep my legs warm. 

Occassionally I share my ootd on my instagram @yoyen2008. I don’t have a selfie stick so I mostly take a shot from my shoulder height. 

So here it is then, my very first blog post about my outfit and my fashion style. Although I love fashion, blogging about it is not for me. I think I’d stick to writing my opinion here and sharing my recipes and food pictures on my foodblog

Thank you for reading.

52 thoughts on “EF: Black ensemble

  1. A very sophisticated style Mbak Yo. I guess we’re lucky here not to worry about weather too much when thinking what we want to wear for the day. πŸ˜€

    • Thank you.

      Yes indeed Dan. In tropical country you only reckon with rain or no rain. Actually around this time I long for wearing sandals and strappy shoes again.

    • Memang bagus warna gelap kesannya tenang. Aku suka pake warna item, biru tua dan abu-abu kalo winter dan hampir semua orang sini ya pake warna itu juga Non kalo winter.

    • Thank you Nadia. Eclectic fashion style is dare to be bold and different by mixing various styles, colours, prints & textures. For example I love to wear ethnic accessoires combined with my business attire or a very formal cocktail dress with the leather jacket etc.

  2. Seru bacanya mba Yo, karena py dpt beberapa kata2 baru..:D Makase neh πŸ™‚

    Kecee banget mba Yo,naksir jaket sama sepatu boot mu mba.. πŸ˜€

  3. Don’t be fooled πŸ˜› hahaha…bener banget kalo mo ngantor galau cari baju nya itu. Lha kok pagi dingin siang sumuk. Gue jg mbak pasti pake layer2 gt, di kantor nyimpen pashmina dan vest. Karena pake AC…brrr! πŸ™‚ Mba Yoyen mah fashionable ceunah! x

    • Ha…ha….kita pengalamannya yah. Gw juga simpen satu vest dikantor kalo tiba-tiba dingin aja gitu πŸ™‚

      Sebenernya pun foto ootd di pos ini rodo saltum Pie karena kok warnanya item semua. Mood gw pagi itu pake warna item karena dingin dan gelap ternyata mulai jam 11 pagi jadi terang ha…ha…

    • Thank you Monda I bike to work everyday 14 km back and forth and I follow a balanced eating pattern, not a diet nor clean eating. Just common sense approach towards food πŸ™‚

  4. I seriously love the black on black look.. Mba.. you are the exact example of the cool looking lady that I mention in my post. Rasanya pingin copy paste gitu gayanya ke lemariku.. hahaha

    • Hi Be,

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚ This style is not difficult to pull off though. Coba -coba aja.

      Aku makin nambah umur makin jarang shopping karena koleksi pakaiannya basic.

    • Makasih Fe. Iya itu ngehits banget tas kulit Mirota. Gw punya 3 ukuran, ini ukuran sedang. Anak gw pake yang paling kecil πŸ˜‰

  5. selalu bingung kalo mau pake leather jacket. kayaknya gak cocok aja kalo pake di Jakarta yang panas hehehe.

    the outfit look great on you, Mbak πŸ™‚

    Salam kenal,

    • Tergantung modelnya sih. Ada jacket kulit tanpa voering yang tipis, bisa dipake didaerah panas.

      Thank you Lia and nice to meet you.

  6. You look very gorgeus, Miss :))
    And I’m sure that you have a good sense in mixing and matching outfits. It looks like you love the leather saddle bag bought from Mirota, too, as it seems that you bring it everywhere :hehe.

    • Thank you Gara. I love fashion and I have defined my own style so I know what looks good on me and most importantly what not πŸ˜‰

      Yes, the bag is a a hit. I carry it everytime πŸ˜‰

  7. When you are in a cold country, you can wear lots layer of cloths in order to keep yourself warm… and stylish of course…. but what about when you live in the tropic or like me in the desert when the temperature could go up to 50C…?

      • Yes… in bikinis, or in cute little tank top and shorts…. with fancy hat… unfortunately, one cannot do that in public area… but yes, maybe fancy and stylish abaya on top of it… :p

        • When I was travelling in Marocco I wore linnen pants and cotton tunique with long sleeves. It was comfy but then the temp was only 42 degree. I mean 50 degree is a scorching hot.

  8. Don’t be fooled. I think I already fooled Mbak. It’s really 4 layers? Wow… Thank God I don’t need to wear 4 layers here.

    • Ha…ha…you have been fooled Ryan! For example today it is officially spring time. It was a sunny day but so cold so I was dressed like it was still winter, thick.

  9. Ahh.. love your style Mba, it’s simple and chic! naksir berat ama shawl and bootnyaah.. *_*

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