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EF: La joie de vivre

Hello Yoyen,

Once I wrote a letter addressed to you when you were 20 years old. Now I’m writing another one to the 33 years old you. That was 10 years ago from now.

You are dealing with a bunch of milestones this year. You are anxiously excited whether your new house would be ready on time in the summer. Choosing the colours, materials, fabrics and furniture is difficult and rather time-consuming. Fortunately your and R’s taste is quite similar. You two both agree to make that new house a home.

10 years later on you will still live in that house. It is a home not only for your family but also for G’s friends who come here at least 3 times a week. They love to hang out here because “There is always food in the house” they say.

So I assure you, the house would be ready on time. In June you will move from that apartment. Do not spill your energy worrying about the move and things around it. Everything is going to be ok.

G would enjoy her time at the kindergarten too. You let some tears on her first school day but she survives it. She is a spontaneous kid. Despite your worry whether you are doing it right as a mother, G turns to be a sweet, considerate and responsible teen girl. So quit asking yourself if you are on the right track as a mother. Juggling so many balls in the air requires a hell of a coordinating skill and you just do it. Print this in your mind: there is no manual parenting. Kids are not a puppet with an on – off button. As a working mom and with R’s support you two have developed parenting skills which are in sync together. Just enjoy her as a child because she is growing so fastly.

As for yourself. Your soul-searching will end this year. The journey brings you to self-knowledge and the ability to connect with your inner self. In relation to your personal quest nothing has changed much ever since. You and I have been at ease with ourselves, which is a good thing. Careerwise you will make an important decision next year.

In your spare time you will be cooking and baking in kitchen designed by yourself. Two years from now you dare to declare yourself a foodie. This will be followed by another hobby, photography. Combining these hobbies altogether makes me think of food all the time now.

Closing this letter, I want to congratulate you on your 10th wedding anniversary. The celebration will be awesome, believe me. With him life is never a dull moment.

You know, everything you are going through will form me as I am today. Now I am living a balanced private and professional life with R and G. Exactly the kind of life you are striving for. And that Yoyen, is the joie de vivre!

With much love,

42 years old version of yourself

This is my reply to EF weekly challenge write a letter to the younger you 10 years ago.

22 thoughts on “EF: La joie de vivre

  1. Thank you Mvak Yo for writing this letter and share your story. Inspires me to some extent. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your daughter looks so cute.
    It’s already 10 years after your husband took that picture. Time is so fast :).

  3. “Kids are not a puppet with an on โ€“ off button” is really a nice quote. I have experienced some issues about parenting things as well. Sometimes, we do interact with them with so many stressful conditions. Screaming out loud, spoiled behaviour and even the tantrums that often arise. But, we often forget that being with our kids is the most beautiful thing that we shall miss someday.

    • Yes Andik. Parents pursue things in order to provide a good life for their children but something the most important thing is just in front of them, the joy of parenting and enjoying the time with the kids.

  4. lovely letter. when we do write such letter to ourselves and reading it in the next few years to come, it surely a nice reminder of how beautiful our life was, is and will be.

  5. A very nice well written letter to yourself Yoyen. G looks very adorable in the picture. Your writing has made me think of my life 10 years ago of finding out that I was pregnant with my twins ๐Ÿ™‚

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