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CNY Celebration

Yesterday my family and I went to Den Haag (The Hague) to see Chinese New Year celebration. Every year Chinese community in Den Haag organizes this Spring Festival by cooperating with The Hague municipality and The Hague Chinatown’s shops and restaurants. Welcoming the year of the goat, the celebration started with an official celebration in the city hall (Stadhuis).


Many VIPs were present; Chinese ambassador to The Netherlands, vice mayor of The Hague, chairman of Dutch Parliament, chairman of Dutch Justice department etc…etc…After too many speeches and welcome words, the dragons and lions entered the stage. The celebration started!



There were dans troupes from Szechuan region which came especially for this celebration. I snapped this actor, in an excellent green costume.



According to Chinese new year traditions lions and dragons come out to get rid off the evil spirits. Yesterday there were a numbers of lions and dragons participating in a parade around the Chinatown. The parade stopped every 10 meter in front of several shops and restaurants and the organisation lit up Chinese fire crackers. The stewards made really sure that the public stayed within a safe distance before the fire crackers went off.




When you happen to be in The Netherlands around Chinese New Year next year, come to Den Haag to see this. Don’t forget to bring the ear plugs as the fire crackers are real deal.

Closing this post, this was the scrumptious lunch I had. It was at Fat Kee Restaurant, Gedemptegracht 23 – 25, Den Haag. Pics were taken with my iPhone as the restaurant was poorly lit and I didn’t want to use flash with my DSLR. They were published yesterday on my Instagram account @yoyen2008.




26 thoughts on “CNY Celebration

  1. stunning photos mba Yo ^^d

    and I’ve no doubt that the fire crackers might really cracking our ears as it was like that too, here.

    • Thank you Ziyya. The fire crackers were renteng with 1 m diameter. It was lit 10 times every 15 minutes. It was so loud and took long to finish it!

  2. Yesterday my housemate went to Den Haag too and he also said it was so amazing! So probably next year I should pay a visit there! 😀

    Ah, I also love Fat Kee!!

  3. perayaan imlek disana meriah, di Italia sini sepi adem ayem,gak kedengaran kalau ada perayaan2 imleknya,atau mungkin ada kali ya tapi saya yang kurang update informasi,hehe

  4. Padahal aku melintasi Stadhuis jam 11, soalnya mau beli tahu tempe sayur2an di toko Oriental, Ah, terlalu cepet jalanku hehe. Tahun depan lihat aahhh 🙂 Thanks Mbak Yo Infonya, keren niihh acaranya

  5. Stunning photos, Miss.
    Ah, how wonderful the feast was. I hope someday I could watch it there, too :hehe.
    Chinese culture is indeed, colorful, and it warms my heart just by hearing the fire crackers and seeing red lanterns, liongs, and also, barongsai!
    Great post!

    • Ke Den Haag itu rasanya selalu Internasional deh dibanding ke Amsterdam atau Rotterdam. Mungkin karena tempatnya Corps Diplomatique jadinya banyak toko dan resto macem-macem.

      Kapan yuk Korean lunch disindang?

  6. There’s a lot going on in Toronto also, but I did not go as it was snowing really bad and pretty dangerous to drive as I live out in the suburb. So we decided to stay home but we did have a Chinese New Year dinner and we had Peking duck:) My sister is visiting from Alabama and she’s been wanting to have Chinese foods cuz, there are no authentic Chinese restaurant down there.
    I love seeing the performers other than the lion/ dragon dance.

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