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EF: Green lush

This is a green alley in a park somewhere in Kleve, Germany. As I once wrote, I live nearby Dutch – German border. Kleve is a little lovely German town situated 40 km from where I live. I come there at least once a month doing my groceries and when the weather is nice, I love to take a walk in this park.


This idyllic park is accessible from the Tiergarten Strasse. The Tiergarten Strasse is part of Via Romana: the route of the Romans along the Rhine river connecting Colonia (Cologne, Germany) to Noviomagus (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) in the year 100. Actually in front of this green lush alley, there is a statue of a Roman gladiator referring to the Roman era. From time to time I imagine how it must have been like at that time, making and maintaining the way for the troops to pass along.

Unfortunately I can’t find any further information about this beautiful park. So enjoy the picture. It is so serene there, an ideal place to wander around.

EXIF: aperture F 3.2 shutter speed 1/80 50mm ISO 200 light +0,7

This post is my submission for the BEC EF challenge: snap and tell the story.

21 thoughts on “EF: Green lush

  1. I somewhat get hypnotized with those white benches. It’s like I could see myself sitting there, waiting for someone whom I didn’t know would come or not. Ah, I love when the picture could tell us stories, like this one. Scattered leaves on the ground give mood to this place, too. And don’t forget those green.

    I just love this picture so much.

  2. Love the green, I love walking in the park also, especially on a nice sunny day and do a little picnic! Grocery ke Jerman, what is so different there? I do have a love for european groceries, disini banyak toko2 Polish dan mereka banyak jual product Jerman juga.
    Nice pictures as usual?

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