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EF: One highly – spirited club

That is how I describe BEC, the Blog English Club where Indonesian bloggers come together to learn and improve their English.

This highly – spirited club was initiated approximately a month ago by three Indonesian bloggers who were aware of the necessity of English as one of 5 official world languages. Without hesitation I had joined from the start. One week later I was asked to be a mentor. I was honoured as my English is far from perfect.
Pic is courtesy of Philly Waldorf.

BEC members are very keen on improving their English. And some have shown visible improvement in their writing after 3 – 4 learning sessions on WhatsApp group. It is very rewarding to be part of this community.

I do read the challenge submissions each Friday but do not always comment. What I have been noticing is there are comments on BEC members’ blog which mock the bloggers why they suddenly write in English. I completely understand that such comments might be loaded with questions or even certain labels in a negative way. However I want to emphasize, do not be discouraged by such comments. Just focus on the advantages you would have when your English would improve. These are my tips for learning foreign languages. For more tips about languages, browse language category on this blog.

Every Friday when I open my WordPress reader, most posts on my feed are about English Friday. That is really cool and interesting to see. Apparently this community provides a well needed platform.

Through BEC I meet so many people. They are inspiring and so high -spirited. They are the core of this community. I sincerely hope the best for this sympatheticΒ club.

So keep the spirit high and carry on learning.


41 thoughts on “EF: One highly – spirited club

  1. Thank you very much, Mba Yo πŸ™‚ This post encourages me to learn English passionately, no matter what other people say πŸ™‚

  2. hahhaha. iya ya mba, BEC member pada bersemangat banget πŸ˜€
    oh iya, 5 bahasa resmi dunia, selain Inggris apalagi mba? *kemana aja ya aku? 😐

      • Spain! I have always wanted to learn Spain since high school, but never have any chances to do so 😦
        Mbak Yo, you write such a couragement! ❀ I agree with you, just let them mock while we're moving forward πŸ˜‰

        • Spanish (the language, Spain is the country) is an interesting language to know. You still can learn it Nad πŸ™‚ Yes, just ignore those people who mock or even judge us because we blog in English.

  3. Mba Yo, you are such a good mentor. You always give new insight for me, for us. Thank you for being our mentor. Though I will never be able to join the learning sessikn because of my schedule but I read them thoroughly.

  4. A little bit off topic.., I guess this is the reason why my husband never really got the chance to master the Indonesian language. Everyone at his workplace want to speak English with him..hahaha.. Kidding!
    Admire what you’re doing for others, Lorraine! Thumbs up!

    • It could be Em. I remember an English born colleague of mine who has the same problem with your husband. That colleague has that charming British accent, as soon as people notice that, they switch in English right away.

      Thank you, sharing knowledge is good. As long as I can help, I’d do it.

  5. Thanks mba Lorraine for being our mentor, it such a fortune have been being mentored by you. I feel the advantages of this club such us meeting new people who I don’t know before, improving my English (indeed), and gaining the spirit of writing. #grammarnazialert

  6. I second you on the negative comments. I hope people will be more encouraging. You are a great mentor mbak! Very effective teaching methods.

  7. We are so lucky Mba Yo to have you and other mentors. Never thought before that there will be super generous people willing to share their knowledge for free. Still can’t believe that the idea of learning English together can be this fun.

    • Hi Nia, I am honoured to get the trust to be a mentor although I am still learning myself. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. True that, Mba. We meet many people through BEC. You are one of the inspiring and high-spirited bloggers, Mba Yo. I admire your writings πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you so much Mba Yo, in your tight schedule, you and other mentors are willingly share your knowledge for us. We are really blessed.
    I am Indonesian Chinesse but I can’t speak, read and write Chinesse. And Chinesee has becoming one of the most needed language also. I think I nees to learn this also.

  10. Thank you so much mba Yo for taking part in this awesome group.
    I can’t believe that my english posts were noticed by the native speakers out there πŸ™‚

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