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Those who have been to Bali might know this Balinese music. It is called Rindik. Its unique sound comes from the instrument called gamelan, made from bamboo. The gamelan which accompanies the dancers is made from brass or copper. Sometimes brass, copper and bamboo gamelan are played altogether.

Rindik tone is soothing and calming in contrast with its fairly fast beat. Th rhythm is played with the left hand and melody with the right hand.

Listening to Rindik takes me to Ubud and surrounding, the place my family and I love the most on the island. Strolling around Jalan Dewi Sita, exploring the paddy fields at Nyuh Kuning and Tegalalang, watching the dance shows at Batubulan, visiting the silver smiths in Celuk, sipping afternoon tea by Ayung river or just simply sitting on the bale (divan) at the porch overlooking the Agung mountain while listening to Rindik played by the boys from the local banjar nearby. Ah, such a bliss!




22 thoughts on “Rindik

    • It’s the same Tje. Joged Bumbung is a name of the dance accompanied by Rindik. It is known then as Bumbung style. Actually the gamelan itself is called Rindik which plays secular music unlike the brass and copper one. The latter plays more spiritual tunes.

  1. Baca isi postingan, dengerin musik dan lihat foto pintunya langsung membayangkan ada di Bali dengan segala suasana damainya Mba Yo. Makasih banyak. Suka banget sama musiknya..

  2. I feel homesick when listening to Rindik, but I can’t stop listening to it :hehe
    My neighbor used to play it in the evening while we did our evening praying session.
    I miss it so much :’)

    Btw, salam kenal (lagi), Mbak Lorraine! :hehe

    • Nice to meet you again Gara and thanks for stopping by. Ah, you are balinese? I love Bali, its culture and nature, the people and the spots, the touristic and quiet ones.

      Which region are you come from?

  3. Damai banget mba Yo denger musiknya, langsung kebayang lagi leyeh2 di Ubud.. Jadi ga sabar nunggu mo kesana 😀

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