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Last farewell

People don’t always accept that death is part of life. There is life and death. Death is inevitable. We deal with the loss of our loved-ones but yet it seems taboo to speak about death when we are so alive. Now I want to break this by sharing my thoughts about how I want my funeral would be like.


Funeral is so definite. It is our last farewell to the world. During my funeral I want everyone to remember me how I am as person. I would love to have this written on my obituary; a lively and inspiring art and history loving amateur cook who love to take pictures. And I don’t want those who come to cry and weep. I prefer them to celebrate my life instead. Oh, if people want to share my flaws and traits, I invite them to do so. I am human after all.

Why this creepy post I see you thinking? All of the sudden I remember my best friend from junior high who passed away in 2007. She fell sick. After 2 weeks in the hospital, she died, leaving her husband and her 3 years old son. Winny was just 35 years old. Now I miss her and what I have in my mind is vivid memory of us together. And I hold on to that as that is the way I remember her.

How about you? How do you want people to remember you when you are not here anymore?


36 thoughts on “Last farewell

  1. Yes Mba. Many consider death as a thing not for discussion. I also want people remember me as a person who was in love with accounting and reporting but still inspiring people through writing.

    No tears during funeral. I want all raise their glass and cheer for my life instead.

  2. I want people to remember me as a loving father, husband and friend. I think, many scared of the word itself and the possibility not seeing his/her loved one, so they choose not to talk about it.

  3. This post remind me of that Australian obituary. We are not to say that someone is obese, but at the same time, people tend to be afraid to articulate the truth about the death. Suddenly, we are being nicer.

    I drink mojito, a lot, so during my funeral I want everyone, except the designated driver, to drink mojito and remember what I do to enjoy life. Hoping that they will enjoy the rest of their life.

    Have a nice weekend ya Mbak.

    • There is a Dutch expression ‘niets dan goeds over de doden’, nothing bad about the dead. I start to believe that this is something universal Tje, to only memorizing the good deeds about the dead although the reality is the contrary.

      Cool, Mojito!

  4. Maunya diinget yg baik2nya aja mba 😊kalau bisa. Makanya aku suka nanya ke orang2 kalau ada “utang” atau apalah tolong diingatkan dan gak mau lama2 musuhan. Takut pas meninggal diingat yg gak enak2nya.

  5. I agree with you about talking death as a taboo thing, because sometimes I want to talk about it with people around me. Nobody knows that time can’t wait and as well death.
    I just hope people to smile when remembering me.

  6. Duhhh jadi inget film The Fault in our stars deh mba yo. Si cowo minta si cewe latihan utk funeral speechnya dia…. isi speechnya justru fun dan senang2…

    Anyway…aku pengen diingat sebagai Joice, a loving mother and the passionate teacher whose Crazy about The Cardigans

    • Terakhir aku ke pemakaman temennya suami meninggal, kita seperti pesta karena dia semasa hidupnya suka rame-rame. Ada sedih tapi ya bittersweet gitu Jo. Karena itu ada disurat wasiatnya.

  7. My mom had a pledge with my gramma that they will visit each other in a dream and tell each other how is life on the other side, but my mom said, so far she hasn’t got anything from gramma yet.

    It is considered taboo to talk about death but for whatever reason my mother always tells me (not my siblings) about what she hopes for and what she wants when it is her time.

    I’d like to be remembered as a loving mother, wife, sibling, friend and just as a loving person to the ones close to me.

  8. Nice post Mbak, as always πŸ™‚ Aku pengen dikenang sebagai terserah opini mereka dengan segala baik dan buruknya aku. Tapi kalo bicara harapan, pengennya mereka mengenang aku sebagai deny yang galak tapi hobi story telling ke anak-anak, cinta dengan buku dan menulis puisi, punya mimpi besar keliling dunia, mendirikan taman bacaan dan SLB untuk orang-orang ga mampu, dan tidak bisa pisah dengan satu benda : Cabe rawit hehehe

  9. Saya bicara tentang pemakaman saya kelak dengan ibu, ibu langsung “hush!!” She didnt wanna talk about it, iya taboo tapi mnurut saya ini wasiat. Sama spt mbak noni setiap saat saya tanya ke orang terdekat/ teman apa saya ada tanggungan/ hutang saya tidak mau dikenang saya masih berhutang &jelek2 lainnya, buat sahabat terdekat mreka mungkin akan bicarakan saya ktika mendengar lagu2 Anggun, buat seorang sahabat satu lagi dia akan ingat saya setiap muter lagunya Rasmus Seebach :).
    Happy Sunday mbak yo πŸ™‚

    • Memang taboo tapi setidaknya kalau waktu kita datang orang yang ditinggalkan tahu kita maunya last farewell seperti apa ya Ru.

      Have a good week ahead!

  10. aku ingin dikenang yang baik-baiknya mbak Yo, yang bisa membuat orang yang mengenang masa bahagia mereka πŸ™‚

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  12. Disini kan kalo ngomong soal kematian pasti lgsg di “ssstttt”-in mba Yo.. Takut dikira pertanda katanya kan.. Huuhu…

    Sama mba Yo, Py juga ga pengen ada org nangis nnti kalo Py dah meninggal. Dan maunya diingat yg baik2 aja.. πŸ˜€

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