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EF: Housekeeping tool

Today’s challenge is to choose /imagine a tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket.. I found it difficult to participate in this challenge as I only watched several episodes of Doraemon back in Jakarta, in 1988. Manga and anime became quite well-known in Indonesia at that time. However I wasn’t attracted to it, and am still not now by the way.

Back to the challenge; I wish I had a housekeeping tool which could do all the household chores for me and my family. I don’t even know whether there is such a tool available in Doraemon’s magic pocket. According to the challenge it is allowed to choose an imaginary one. Therefore this is my choice.

IMG_8507Pic is courtesy of Wikiwonen.

Unlike in Indonesia where labor is cheap and it is common to hire a housekeeper, here in The Netherlands I need to do the household by myself. Correction, my family (husband, daughter and I) does all the household chores. My husband and I work full time. Beside our job we have our hobbies. This means we don’t have much time to do household chores. So I dream of having a magic tool which keeps my house tidy all the time.

Here are the chores the tool has to do:
sweeping, vacuuming, putting in and taking out the dishes from the dishwasher, doing laundry, ironing, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the refrigerator and freezer, washing bedding, taking off washing and set back the curtains, mopping floors, watering plants, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, taking out the trash, keeping the garden, washing windows etc.

I would be very thankful if there was such a tool which could handle all the chores above so my family and I would have a sea of spare time. Two chores I do gladly are cooking and doing grocery. I leave the rest to the tool.


31 thoughts on “EF: Housekeeping tool

  1. Same here, I never like Manga, Anime etc ever😊
    Yes, I agree with you I wish there was a magic tool or machine or perhaps a robot that can do all my house chores! Or maybe even just one magic tool that can do the washing, hanging, folding, and ironing I will be very happy😀😀

    • Yes Ria, I am not really fond of it because it is too clean for me. Eh tapi gw ati-ati lah ngomong gini. Tahun lalu hampir dibully Manga fans di Twitter karena nulis gw ngga suka 🙂

      Everyone without help in the household wishes such a tool, right? 🙂

  2. I think mostly housewives expect the same tools as yours, Mbak. Hehe.
    Anyway, I finally meet people who do not love anime. Doraemon is the one and only animation figure that I love. I didn’t even have a memory of Disney and the princes/princess back when I was a child. All I knew that time was Chinese vampires movies aired on the national television every Saturday morning. Hehe.

    • I think everyone without help in the household wishes to have the same tool too.

      Hmm, about Manga & Anime. I guess I was too old when it hit Indonesia. I was 16 – 17 years old then. I remember my younger sisters were fond of Doraemon. Even a couple of years earlier Candy Candy was a hit tv show but I didn’t like it either. I found and still find Japanese style is too clean. The lines used are clinicallt straight and the characters are a bit weird. Growing up as an artist’s daughter I was more into Marvel super heroes and Disney’s princesses. Sometimes I read Hergé’s Tintin and many Dutch comics too.

      I need to be careful expressing my opinion why I am no fan of Manga & Anime though. Last year I was almost bullied by Indonesian Anime fans on Twitter. Ah, all I can say, tastes are different and personal, right?

      • I wonder how people could be so mean and way too sensitive on social media. Because personally, as a Doraemon fans, I think your opinion is interesting.

        I don’t know exactly what you meant by weird characters (is it the shape of the figures?) or the clean style but I am sort of agree with you especially about the weird characters. No one shouts and has his mouth grinned that wide or run that fast. These I’ve just recognized when reading your opinion.

        Perhaps you can explain more about this later when you have a time in case I have misunderstood your opinion.

        Tastes are personal. Can’t agree more to this. And one should always respects others’ tastes.

        • Menurut aku menarik mengamati Manga dan Anime Jepang. Itu ultimate fantasynya orang Jepang ya, mata besar, rambut keriting. They represent something Japanese are not in real life, physical appearance I mean.

          Tentang karakter, memang rada aneh sih. Bisa jadi waktu itu karena baru aku ngga terbiasa dan ngga tertarik. Kalo dipikir Doraemon itu kucing, sementara di Disney juga aneh, Mickey Mouse itu Tikus tapi punya temen Goofy yang anjing, eh dianya juga punya anjing piaraan namanya Pluto.

          Ada sih yang udah bully aku 4 orang gitu di Twitter waktu aku tulis aku ngga suka Manga dan Anime karena garisnya lurus. Aku dimaki-maki Vin cuma aku cuekin aja. Kenapa defensive dan passive agressive? Orang kan seleranya lain. Aku dibilang snob lah sukanya Marvel & DC Comics, wah kalo memang aku sukanya itu ngga apa toch. Rasanya tua banget deh waktu itu, mungkin ini age gap? I don’t know.

          Setelah kejadian itu pengen sih tulis disini tapi mikir nanti banyak fans militan yang ngga suka dan komen aneh-aneh disini. Males dapet energi negatif. Aku udah beberapa kali delete komen fans militannya Beyonce yang komen bully di salah satu posku yang ngenyek Beyonce jadi feminis tapi pake baju seksi.

          Jadi panjang jawabnya dan curhat sekalian Vin. Now you know. I wish more people are like you, people who understand tastes are personal.

        • Mba Yoyen, I am back on this discussion. Have just read this article http://marcellapurnama.com/haters-gonna-hate/ and thought of you right away.

          Menyambung hal tastes are personal, rasanya orang yang dengan mudahnya menyela kita akan selalu ada di dunia maya dan nyata ya, Mba, Dan setuju, memang malesin kalau udah ketemu energi negatif. But, I am sure that many people love your thoughts and writings and those who do harsh will always stand their ways no matter what. Many positive energy flies around you, Mba.

          Have a great weekend, Mba! =)

  3. Oh how I want the very same tool that you and Mba Mikan wrote Mba Yo. But I forgot about it when I typed my post. Currently we don’t have any housekeeper so new and my wife have to do all the chores by ourselves. 😀

  4. And the tool should work automatically too without our supervision. So it could clean our house when we were in the office, for instance 😛 . That would be extremely awesome 😛 .

  5. I was never a fan of Japanese anime also, I was more into Tintin, Lucky Luck, Asterix, Archie, Ritchie Riche etc.

    I agree that we should have a common tool on doing the everyday chores, it is more complicated here regarding taking out of the garbage, there’s recycling as well as composting program and your garbage has to be to a minimum so more sorting and different picking up schedules.

    Having a magic husband helps too:) My hubby does most of the cleaning and ironing.
    So I guess I can’t really wish for anything better:)

    • My husband does the household chores too but sometimes we are so busy with job, hobbies, socializing that our house is not tidy. But heck, my excuse mostly is he and I work both. And untidy house means creative people live in it ha…ha…

      • Absolutely, the same with us, busy all the time, between jobs, kids’ activities and wanting to stay home & do nothing :):):)

  6. Gw dulu suka baca doraemon hehe. Yg paling suka dia punya “pintu ke mana saja”, jadi kalo lu buka pintu itu sambil bilang tujuan lu ke mana, nah itulah yg bakal ada di balik pintu. Hmmm… gw punya banyak nih tujuan yg bakal gw sebut. Slipi, kwang chow, paradijs, santorini, bali, awwww…
    ps. Pintu ini juga bisa nyelesaiin masalah lu dong, Yen, hire mbak di jkt trus pulang pergi pk pintu itu dijamin rumah kinclong haha *ngayalllllll*

    • Tapi peraturan challenge ini ngga boleh pake pintu kemana saja Wen. Gw maunya juga gitu, enak.

      Eh tapi, kalo ada aparat yang gw pingin itu, asik kali ya. Gw pasti cuma kerja, masak & makan doang ha….ha….

  7. Mba Yo… This will be the coolest invention for everyone esp for a mom. After we have a washing machine why there’s none an ironing machine, and folding machine? Uhukkk…. the most time consuming chores.

    Anyway I grew up with Doraemon, I started watching when I was in 4th grade. I’am already 33 yo and Nobita still in grade 4…hihihi

    • Yes, as I wrote above I am ready to buy it, even if that means I need to pay in terms 🙂

      Sama memang karakter gitu, ngga tua-tua. Unyil juga tetep anak SD Jo.

    • Ha…ha…iya Ola. Lihat aja yang komen disini semuanya emak-emak yang mau punya alat ini juga. Mungkin nanti memang akan ada alat seperti ini. Jaman aku SD dulu orang ngayal bisa punya tv portable, dibawa kemana-mana. Ini tahun 1980 ya. Sekarang tahun 2015 orang nonton tv dan film di smartphonenya ha…ha…

      • Iya harusnya sih ini bisa jadi kenyataan yaa mba Yo di masa depan.. Utk bersihin lantai kan udh ada tuh alatnya yg tinggal pencet doank.. Hehehe

        • Iya, disini namanya vacuum robot. Harganya masih mahal, 500 euro gitu. Cuma vacuum robot ini hanya bisa bersihin debu, aku maunya yang bisa setrika dan bersihin jendela 🙂

  8. I think Doraemon has a housemaid robot mba. Your post make me wondering though. How much is a housemaid cost there?

    Saya baca komen-komen di posting ini Mba. Really? Dibully karena itu? Ckckckck. Walau saya suka anime seperti yang mba sebut (Candy-candy, Doraemon, Conan, dll) tapi saya sih gak sefanatik itu sih. Maksud saya, semua itu kan pilihan. Personal. Gak bisa dipaksakan agar semua menyukai hal yang sama kan?

    Soal bully, kemarin juga berbalas comment di postingan Review Film Di Balik 98 saya. Bully dengan kata-kata itu lebih menyakitkan. Dia kena bully karena memiliki nama yang sama seperti anak mantan Presiden kita. Saya juga pernah nonton video soal bully ini. Kaget loh mba melihat akibatnya.

    • O really? Doraemon has it covered then 🙂 A housemaid wage starts from 10 euro per hour and up. Those who can afford the service, hire a housemaid for 1 up to 2 hours a week. It is considered decadent here to hire one. So like an average Dutch household, I hire no one even though my husband and I work full time.

      Ya gitu deh tentang bully. I was being scolded as stupid, arrogant and even a bitch just because I tweeted I didn’t like Manga and Anime. 4 orang yang bully aku, udah aku cuekin. Gimana kalo diladenin, pasti makin rame deh.

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