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EF: How gadgets affect my life

The challenge of English Friday today is How gadgets affect my life. Here is my share.

Actually I don’t have many gadgets which I am really attached to. One exception is my smart phone. It is iPhone 5. Without my iPhone I would be forlorn.

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Useful apps
On my iPhone I have a couple of apps which I use daily.

Those are:

  • weeronline.nl. This is a weather forecast app. Weeronline has this not to miss, cloud radar feature. It is so accurate en shows how the cloud moves minutely. It shows the forecast of wind speed, snow, sun, rain, hail. It contains even warning sections for hay fever patients. I always check it first before I go out. This is important because I bike to my work and other appointments.
  • 9292ov is an online planner for Dutch public transportation (bus, tram, metro, train, ferries). Since I don’t have a car, this app is very handy. I use it often when I don’t take my bike.
  • ns.nl is a planner from Dutch Railways (NS = Nederlandse Spoorwegen). I plan all my train rides, domestic and international here. Delays and planned railway reparations are shown here so I can plan my trip efficiently.
  • nu.nl is Dutch fastest news site. Nu is Dutch word for now. Nu.nl’s news updates are fast. Sometimes they are so fast there is lack of insight. This doesn’t bother me as I normally search the insight somewhere else.
  • Evernote. This is where I save interesting links and notes.

And there are social media apps: facebook, path, twitter, flickr, instagram, wordpress etc. Skype and WhatsApp connect me with family and friends. I listen to the music on the way with my iPhone (spotify, itunes and radio apps).

I set my WhatsApp on idle during office hours. And during dining (lunch and dinner) the smart phone is not around, after I take pictures of the food with it of course. Unlike majority of Indonesians who take pictures with their smart phone during gathering, parties and in the cinema/theater, I am reluctant to do this. Mostly I only make one or two pictures. I just want to talk to other guests and have fun instead of staring at that tiny screen.

No ereader for me
Some people call me old-fashioned but I don’t have an ereader. I must admit ereader makes reading easy but I am still fond of real books. On my iBooks on both my iPad and iPhone there are only few books. I have read all of them but I still prefer thumbing the pages, making notes and fold the last page I am at. Perhaps I will change my mind one day and purchase an ereader, I don’t know when.

Kitchen gadgets
Speaking of gadgets, they are not always IT-related. I may only be attached to one gadget, my iPhone, but I have three gadgets I love in the kitchen. They are a blender, a slicer (mandoline) and a mini kitchen torch. Those three help me prepare the food faster and make the result more beautiful. They make cooking and baking more fun to do.

Gadgets are convenience products and they make part of our daily life nowadays. I might be lost without my iPhone but I think I can survive without it and any other gadget. After all I grew up in the 70es and 80es without Internet and e-mail.

59 thoughts on “EF: How gadgets affect my life

  1. I think the app for weather forecasting is really important there , at least to decide which clothes to put on. Hihihi I just stumbled on a very funny pic in the internet, same spirit with your last sentence. It’s a writing in front of a nice hotel saying “No, we don’t have Wifi. Talk to each other or pretend it’s 1993”

    • Indeed Sondang. The cloud radar on the weather app shows how the cloud moves for the coming 2 hours. This is very useful for me as I move around by bike.

  2. Because the weather in Netherland might change almost all the time right mba Yo? So that application is really a must for you

    Anyway I want iPhone 6…or iPhone 5 will ok too for me..hehehehe *salah fokus*

  3. I like old fashioned you, mba yo πŸ˜‰
    Ebook comes handy to me, but I have no e-reader. I use e-reader apps on my phone and on my laptop. I knew how it feels reading paperback book and I wish to read paperback more, but my collection are limited.

  4. Oh I am planning myself to buy e-reader due to its lightweight but your post made me think twice now, Mbak, since it has good point in it. Hmmmmm to buy or not to buy?

    • To buy or not to buy? Two months ago I noticed my eyes were sore. It could be caused by staring at the light screen of the devices in the dark. This has made me think to stick to paper books Anggun :-). As I read most of the time in bed.

      • Sore eyes also occurs to me. Thank you for sharing your personal experience, Mbak. Adding it to the long list of considerations before I decide wether to buy the ereader or not πŸ˜‰

        • Allow me to join this discussion. I am a kindle user and unlike mobile phone, Kindle is designed for reading and it has no back light (the latest kindle has back light, but we could control the light). So I suggest you to buy Kindle.

          And if you need e-book, I could share few good books, for free.

        • The backlight on iPad and iPhone is also adjustable Tje. I guess not reading in the dark is the solution πŸ™‚ And perhaps I’ll look at Kindle when I’m ready to purchase an ereader.

        • Kindle is definitely on one of my list to check (and Kobo and Nook, too). Thank you for your review, Mbak.

          And yaaaaayyy for the book! Thank you very much. Will surely contact you whenever I buy ereader ;D

  5. Interesting rules mba Yo. I may adopt one or two. Guess that I will also survive without my cellphone. I grew up in 80es and 90es when email was still a luxury.

  6. I am trying to apply the similar rule as yours regardings WhatsApp or other messenger applications. Mudah-mudahan suatu saat bisa terapin ini sepenuhnya, Mba. =)

    • If I meet people offline, I prefer to talk to them in person. Instead of only staring at my smartphone. It is considered rude by the Dutchies to do so btw.

  7. I still enjoy reading the paperback version, too, Mbak πŸ™‚ I like to feel the cover, sniffing the page hehe And I feel dizzy to look at the screen for a long time to read.

  8. The same with me Yen, weather and public transportation system apps. I do take the train sometimes as there is a train station literally steps away from my office.
    Weather is also very important when you live here in canada:).
    I only have my iphone and ipad. The iphone is very old and just got the ipad last christmas. I love using the ipad as a recepie finder or watching any cooking video, I used to use my laptop but these days ipad is pretty handy.
    I do not like ibook or e reader as well, love holding the book an be able to touch the paper, i am not that attached to my gadget like some people. I do not use my phone when i am around my family, othaer than receiving phone calls.

  9. Same here, my gadget is my Iphone and Ipad for browsing recipe and my apps are also the same, weather, bus and train schedule. I still love reading real books rather than e-book or Kindle or whatever. I still think the smell of the paper, the cover, the font, can’t be replaced yet by those electronic ones, I suppose am an old fashion πŸ˜ƒ

    • Dan weeronline juga Ko. Aku sampe sekarang masih takjub loh lihat buienradarnya, sangat akurat. Bisa tahu hujan atau ngga, dari jam berapa sampe jam berapa, dimana.

  10. Selama belum pindah ke Belanda, aku cukup puas dengan hanya punya Hp sebagai gadget dimana aplikasi didalamnya juga standar. Tapi kata suamiku, begitu pindah ke Belanda, harus diisi aplikasi lainnya, yang sama banget dengan yang Mbak Yo sebutin diatas. Karena Hp yang aku punya sekarang sudah jadul banget, dengan senang hati aku menerima hibahan Hp suami, dimana dia akhirnya punya alasan untuk membeli yang versi paling baru πŸ™‚ … Dan aku juga masih belum bisa lepas dari buku dalam bentuk nyata. Belum bisa menikmati e-book. Masih suka suara kresek kresek kertas kalo membalik halaman hehehe

    • Den,

      Sorry baru bales, kelewatan ternyata. Sama lah disini, masih seneng ke toko buku, lihat-lihat terus beli. Terus nulis-nulis dan lipet-lipet ujung halaman πŸ™‚

  11. I am not very fond of taking pictures as well, homemade food is an exception πŸ˜πŸ˜… Some say that I might lost the memories, but hey… sharing pictures nowadays is as easy as tapping πŸ˜‰

    • Everyone with a smartphone has a camera standby. Taking pic is one thing but the urge to always share it, anytime anywhere. That’s just not me.

      Sorry for the late reply.

      • Hmm.. That’s not what I meant, Mba Yo.. I’d rather have a lively conversation with other guests in a gathering than being busy with my camera.. We shared the same thought 😊 Good relation is irreplacable. But in case I need the pictures for the sake of ‘memories documentation’, I believe some friends capturing the moment would easily share it with me πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I am not an ‘oversharer’ either Mba Yo, any pictures uploaded on the net would become public property – that scares me πŸ˜“

        • Hai Din,

          I believe we lost in translation here. Aku maksudnya dikomen diatas juga setuju same kamu πŸ™‚ Justru karena orang yang punya smartphone yang ada kameranya malah memang jadi gampang sharing fotom as easy as tapping. Cuma kita berdua rasanya saturated yah kalo tiap langkah, dipotret dan diupload di internet.

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